Teacher Appreciation


We love our teachers at Ancillae-Assumpta Academy! Their tireless commitment to our students, their skill in their craft, and their enthusiasm for learning is a gift to our children every day. Our teachers embody the Handmaid ministry of educating with love and for love. 

Ancillae is committed to providing the professional development our faculty members need to maintain the high standards to which they are dedicated. Each year, we are proud to provide up to $1200 for each teacher to participate in professional development programs, workshops, online classes, and presentations. We invite you to join in supporting our teachers through these professional development funds. Help us so that our teachers can continue to expand their knowledge, improve their best practices, foster their passion for learning… and pass it on to your children in the classroom!

Our faculty is so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the various offerings that enhance your child’s experience. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, please support our teachers by considering one of the following gifts to our Annual Sustaining Fund:

  • $1200 provides a year’s Professional Development for a teacher
  • $500 is the cost of a typical online class
  • $150 is the cost of a typical workshop 
  • Other 

We appreciate your commitment to help us Pass It On!

Pablo Picasso once said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." This is so true of the ministry in which our faculty engage every day! On a daily basis, they give a part of themselves to our students, which is an incredible gift - a gift to them, a gift to their parents, and a gift to AAA. 

We are truly grateful for the skills, knowledge, and passion our teachers gain through ongoing training and learning. Their dedication to AAA and our students drives them to be the best educators possible.  We thank them for partnering in the Handmaid ministry of education with love and for love!

We Love Our Teachers!

Always Learning!

Make Your Donation!