Shop and Support

There are several easy ways to support the Academy in your regular shopping choices.  â€¨Each one benefits Ancillae-Assumpta, so find one or more that fits your family and start spending!

Amazon Associates Program

Next time (and every time) you to need to place an order with Amazon, use the link below from our website to get started. By shopping through our link, the school receives referral earnings!  (And you can still use your own login and personal account to shop.)  So take that extra step and visit Amazon through the ad banner link below to give credit to AAA.   It's worth it!


Scrip gift cards are available for hundreds of retailers. Buy Scrip through the Academy and use it to make your everyday purchases. Generate revenue for AAA and yourself through your everyday spending.  Scrip order forms are posted each month on the Parents page of the website.

Box Tops for Education

With over 240 participating products, Box Tops are an easy way for schools to earn cash. Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10¢. Collect them and send them into school on a collection sheet.  Collection sheets can be found on the Parents page or use these to get started!

Brick Pavers

Purchase a commemorative brick paver at AAA! This is a unique way to honor your parents, grandparents, spouse, or children, or celebrate a new life or mark a date of importance in your life. Graduating students' names can be immortalized!