April 19, 2020 Information coming soon!!!

It was fun...

and messy!

Thank you to the faculty and staff!


Color Fun Cheer

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Event Schedule

Beginning at 10:00 Walk-On registration and Check-In opens

Pick up your color items and get ready for the fun!  Grab a bite now (or when you finish) from our tasty food trucks!

Once the color course is open, you can begin at any time.  The participants will be invited to get started in waves.  Participants can run or walk through the course as few or as many times as they like.  Join us anytime between 10-12 to participate.

11:30 No-Color Rainbow Run

This cute dash will allow children a chance to participate in the fun minus all the color!  No registration required.

12:00 Teacher Hot Heat

Participant color bags each have an individual color packet that can be doused at faculty and staff as they cross the finish line!

Tips for the Color Fun!

Come hungry!  We are excited to offer breakfast and lunch items for purchase through a food truck.

Wear provided event items.  The provided sunglasses/goggles will help prevent you from getting color in your eyes.  The bandana too will keep the powder away from your mouth and nose.  It’s recommended that you close your eyes and mouth as you run past the color stations!

Take before and after pics at our photo area!  You’ll want to see what all this color is about!

Expect to get colorful!  You will have colored powder tossed towards you at 4 different stations on the course.  The color is non-toxic, food-grade cornstarch.  Be sure to wear the provided color fun event t-shirt and clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.  Wear a hat to keep the powder out of your hair if you prefer.

Participants in the color course must be 3 and older, but any youngsters looking for a color-free experience can dash in our no-color Rainbow Run.

Keep your color fun event t-shirt as a souvenir! Color can be made permanent by soaking the item in vinegar, allowing it to air dry, and then ironing it before putting it through the regular wash.

Clean-up is part of the fun!  Bring baby wipes, tissues, and towels for your car.    A towel or sheet over the seat will ensure that all the color stays on you and off of your car.