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How Does It Work?

Color Fun Options:

  1. Use your favorite running app to map a 5K route and screenshot your finish times.  
  2. Map out a loop in your neighborhood and take a family walk, jog, or run.
  3. Set up a dash with a set starting line and finish line.  Have your family take turns racing. Add in some silly races (hopping, skipping, etc.) for more fun.
  4. Use chalk to create several different color zones around your driveway, sidewalk, and/or street. Give each person a different color pattern sequence to run.
  5. Run laps (around the house, around your property, around your block) and play I Spy a Color between each one for a color break.

What to Wear: 
So many options... You can wear your past McCoy t-shirts, or you can dress as colorful as you can with a different color t-shirt, shorts/pants, socks, hair accessories, etc., or you can have each person in your family dress entirely in a different color. Not into color? Wear any Ancillae gear or your blue & white!

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McCoy Color #AtHome 2020 Flashback

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