Heart to Heart

February, 2023

The Ancillae-Assumpta Academy Heart to Heart program is one part of the legacy of former director Sister Elizabeth McCoy. In the mid-'90s, Sr. Elizabeth attended a meeting in Lima, Peru along with Handmaids from many South American countries. Sr. Elizabeth shared the R.I.C.E. Process and the Sisters from South America shared with her the situations of their students. Some children had to walk several hours to go to school, others were malnourished because their families were very poor, and in some cases the children didn’t have textbooks, desks or even roofs in their classrooms. Some of the children worked to support their families and the Sisters had to teach classes in the evening. When that meeting in Lima was over, Sister Elizabeth visited some of those schools in Peru and in Ecuador. She talked to the children and their teachers. 

Sister Elizabeth’s visit to South America touched her heart. Twenty-seven years ago, Sister Elizabeth challenged the Ancillae-Assumpta Academy community to connect with other Handmaid schools around the globe. Our prayers and donations make a big difference in the lives of children and families around the world. 

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