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Spotlight: El Salvador

Spotlight: Vietnam

Spotlight: India

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As we prepare for Easter during this Lenten season, we are called to prayer, sacrifice, and good works. Since 1996, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy has answered that call through our Heart to Heart program. Heart to Heart is a networking program that seeks to see Christ in the face of the poor served by the Handmaid ministries in Argentina, Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, India, Indonesia, Panama, Peru, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Make a small sacrifice to improve the educational opportunities of children in those countries served by the Handmaids. Your donation of $25 will be sent to the country of your choice. Send your donation to school by April 3, 2020, online or via the Heart to Heart envelope.

Look in the Weekly News & Updates email for photos and stories with examples of how Heart to Heart donations allow our Ancillae community to dare to connect globally.

To learn more about the Handmaid Sisters' ministries, click on the countries below and view presentations prepared by our 2018-2019 Advisory classes of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Each Advisory group learned about the Handmaid ministries in one of the countries receiving Heart to Heart donations.  The students reflected on how the Sisters are living the Gospel and the demands of Catholic Social Teaching. They prepared a brief Powerpoints/iMovies to share with the rest of the Ancillae community.

Colombia        DR of Congo        Cuba        East Timor          Ecuador

El Salvador         Panama         Peru          Philippines         Vietnam