Spring Show Ad Book

Coupled with our annual musical, one of our longstanding traditions and a major fundraiser of our Parents’ Association, is the publication of our Spring Show Ad Book.

In prior years, parents and grandparents of our students have shared their thoughts and memories through an advertisement in our Ad Book. Most of these ads have been in honor and recognition of their child and have included personal messages encouraging their child’s continued success. Whatever the message, the students have come to genuinely appreciate the loving support their parents have relayed through an ad in the Spring Show Ad Book. 

Don't forget, the Spring Show Ad Book is also a great way to promote a business!  

All ads are in color in the following sizes:

Full Page Ad (8.5Wx11H) $200
Half Page Ad (8.5Wx5.5H) $150
Quarter Page Ad (4.24Wx5.5H) $100
Business Card Ad $50

Due MARCH 3, 2023
for inclusion in book!

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