Summer Virtual Learning

The unprecedented end to this school year and subdued summer outlook leaves many students with time on their hands and skills that can be sharpened like never before! In consideration of your commitment to Ancillae, we are offering a virtual summer experience for our fall enrolled students, free of charge.  Offerings will be given in PS, K, 1-4 math/LA, 5-8 math, 5-8 LA, and enrichment. Sessions will be held three days a week for the four weeks of July - a total of 12 sessions each.

This experience is completely optional!  If your child could benefit from this, please join in.  If your child needs a break, take a pass and we'll see you in September.  

Registration for this program is closed.

Program Schedule

July 7th through July 30th
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

PS Academic A 8:30 Megan St John
PS Academic B 9:05 Megan St John
K Academic A 8:30 Karen Vizza
K Academic B 9:05 Karen Vizza
Grade 1 Academic A 9:30 Erin Gardner
Grade 1 Academic B 9:30 Regina Francis
Grade 1 Academic C 10:30 Kathy Skalicky
Grade 2 Academic A 10:30 Erin Gardner
Grade 3 Academic A 9:30 Bethanne Brown
Grade 3 Academic B 10:30 Loretta Karbach
Grade 4 Academic A 9:30 Denise Schlanser
Grade 3 Fundations 8:30 Kelly Seigenfuse
Grades 1-4 Russian 2:00 Mariya Broytman
Grades 1-2 Enrichment A 10:30 Alexis Perrine, Tara Carlo, Kathy Grim, Jen Noonan
Grades 1-2 Enrichment B 9:30 Alexis Perrine, Tara Carlo, Kathy Grim, Jen Noonan
Grade 3 Enrichment 9:30 Alexis Perrine, Tara Carlo, Kathy Grim, Jen Noonan
Grade 4-6 Enrichment 10:30 Alexis Perrine, Tara Carlo, Kathy Grim, Jen Noonan
Grade 5 LA 1:00 Emily Steinmetz
Grade 5 Math A 11:30 Elise Ellinger
Grade 5 Math B 11:30 Emily Steinmetz
Grade 6 LA 11:30 Cat McCann
Grade 6 Math A 1:00 Megan Keaton
Grade 6 Math B 1:00 Elise Ellinger
Grade 7 LA 11:30 Monica Wilson
Grade 7 Math 1:00 Will Augustin
Grade 8 LA 11:30 Donna Marchetti
Grade 8 Math 1:00 Michelle Cimaroli
Grades 7-8 Art 2:00 Alexis Perrine, Tara Carlo

Class Requirements

  • Students participating in an entering Grades 1-4 class or a Grades 5-8 math class will need the Summer Skills Sharpener book.  It can be purchased online here:  *ORDER THE BOOK OF THE GRADE YOUR CHILD JUST FINISHED.
  • Students participating in a Grades 7-8 language arts class will need to have their summer reading books.
  • Students will need access to a personal computer, laptop, or iPad device.
  • The following platforms will be used for sessions:
    • Entering preschool and kindergarten: Google Meets (make sure you have the new grid-view downloaded)
    • Entering Grades 1-8: Canvas web version (make sure browser is updated), Microsoft Teams app

Log In for 1-8 Classes Here

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Canvas:  username does not need Joe Smith = jsmith

*You may need to log into Teams the first time to establish your student's connection. When logging into Teams: The sign-in would be with the same password.