Ancillae's First Ever "Non-Event"


Thank you to all of our sponsors
who helped to make this fundraiser a success!


As a school community, Ancillae worked hard last summer to ensure that both its physical campus and technology infrastructure were safe and secure, so that they could be prepared for any number of educational scenarios this school year, including both in-person and virtual learning.  As parents, we are the beneficiaries of this careful planning, and we are grateful that our children have enjoyed being in school, in whatever option we chose, since the end of August! 

On the flip side, we missed many of our traditional school events this year – the Fall Social, Ancillae On-line Auction, Christmas Bazaar, Shopping Night, and the Blue & White Ball.  While these events serve to bring our community together, the school also counts on their strong fundraising support.  With the significant investment Ancillae has made in order for our community to safely continue to teach and learn during an unprecedented pandemic, our Parents’ Council brings you its first-ever “Non-Event” fundraiser! These sponsorships highlight only a fraction of the unplanned, but critical one-time expenses the school has incurred this year…after all, we’re all in this “Non-Event” together!



First Line of Defense Sponsorship $2500

To defend against Covid-19 coming into campus, two big expenditures this year were the Daily Health Screening Ruvna Software and the glass partition installed at the desk in the main lobby which helps to keep Mrs. Haley and others at our front desk safe and healthy, while also protecting our community.

JKJ / Mullen, Dougher, and Friel Families
Springer Capital - The Farnoly Family
The Angelo Family
The Clark Family
The Henkels Family
The Lintner Family
Vault Communications



Learning Together or Apart Sponsorship $1,000

Students and teachers are toggling back and forth from in-person to virtual learning this year for a variety of reasons and some families have opted to stay fully virtual.  To facilitate the virtual learning experience for students and teachers from both home and school, Ancillae purchased swivel cameras, expanded iPad devices to Preschool and Kindergarten, and provided all teachers with a second device to manage remote learning.

Bill and Nancy Matthews
Community First Abstract - The Wirsching Family
DiSorb Systems, Inc.
HERMOSA Concierge CosMedics
John and Julie McCafferty
Maryellen Reilly
The Brennan Family
The Cosgrove Family
The Kent Family Fund
The Khoury Family, In Memory of Abby O'Beirne
The Montgomery Family
The Rems Family
The Stubbs Family



Six Feet Apart Sponsorship $500

Helping to make sure that our students are learning at a safe distance, Ancillae purchased partitions to transform tables into individual desks and portable desks for outdoor learning in the Sacred Heart Center.  Hundreds of containers and bins for student materials were also purchased so that students have individual work spaces with everything at hand.

Your family or business name will be listed on the Non-Event page on our website and will be included in our advertising for this Non-Event. Your family or business name will appear in the 2020-2021 Annual Report. 

Bill and Megan McDonough and Family
Brian and Aileen Rueter
Cat and Jeff McLaughlin
Danielson Legal LLC
Rachel DiToro
Rob and Jill Grasso (Christopher '23)
The Corvasce and Wade Families
The Dorsey Family
The Evans Family
The Ferrera Family
The Gemmi Family
The Holden Family
The Hughes Family
The Madeira Family
The Ost Family
The Rees Family
The Smith Family - In memory of Sister Cecilia Tong, ACJ
The Troyanoski Family
The Vahey Family



Breathe Easy Sponsorship $250

To provide superior ventilation for students, MERV 13 air filters were purchased for the school-wide ventilation system and air purifiers were added to needed classrooms. Replacement filters need to be purchased throughout the year for both to keep up the clean air flow!

Your family or business name will be listed on the Non-Event page on our website and will be included in our advertising for this Non-Event. Your family name will appear in the 2020-2021 Annual Report. 


  Bob, Cheryl, Savannah, and Elliot Miller

  Craiger and Denise Drake

  Dante and Celeste Fulginitti

  Gary W. Muller, M.D. P.C.

  House Edits, LLC

  Nino and Denine DiPietro

  Paul and Dee Sweeney

  Regina Sacco

  SkinScience and Wellness, LLC

  Susan O'Hagan Marley and Bob Marley

  The Friel Family

  The Greene Family

  The Hood Family

  The Imperiale Family

The Mattia Family

  The McDaid Family

  The Monley-Lewis Family

  The Moreira Family

  The Perero Family

  The Pittaoulis Family

  The Regan Family

  The Reginelli Family

  The Scibelli Family

  The Tankersley Family

  The Thompson Family

  The Vecchiarelli Family

  The Williams Family

  Timothy and Laura Folk




Keeping It Clean Sponsorship $100

Ancillae purchased electrostatic sprayers to facilitate cleaning in  classrooms this year and installed touch-less sanitation stations throughout the school. Gallons of hand sanitizer are used by our students and faculty to sanitize multiple times each school day to minimize the spread of germs. 

  AnnaLynn Mattia


  Barcellos Williams Family

  Dan and Jennifer Wagner

  Debbie and Dave Giordano

  Eileen Wolpert

  Gena Anderson

  Greg and Carol McLaren

  Jackie, Ted and Mary Burgoyne

  Jerry and Joan Anders

  Joe and Kelly Bilko

  Karen Sabatino

  Kristin and Chris Williamson

  Liam and Roshni Woods

  Marvin and Melanie Lee

  Meredith and Chris Wilson

  Nick and MaryAnn Cassizzi

  Roy and Lee Gibson

  Sean and Mary Miller Family

  Steven and April Hladczuk

  The Bogle Family

  The Bollenbach Family

  The Crotts Family

  The Dachowski Family

  The Endo Family

  The Harp Family

  The Hisey Family

  The Jenks Family

  The Kennedy Family

  The Kenney Family

  The Luvino Family

  The Marino Family

  The Martin Family

  The May Family

  The Melchionni Family

  The Murphy Family

  The O'Brien Family

  The Perez-Mas Family

  The Roland Family

  The Seravalli Family

  The Simonsson-Castillo Family

  The Skiendzielewski Family

  The Skyrm and Aidenbaum Families

  The Smith Family

  The Theobald Family

  The Trottnow Family

  The Verrill Family

  The Weinrich Family

  White Horse Coffee & Creamery



Non-Event Ticket $50

Purchase a “ticket” to this Non-Event to help defray the assorted, unexpected expenses incurred throughout this school year. Ancillae's Covid-19 response has been instrumental to its successful school operations, but implementing protocols adds up! Although we won’t be at the Non-Event, we'll gather in spirit to show our support and gratitude for the Ancillae school community.

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Bart

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Puglia

Mrs. Linda Spinner

Mr. and Mrs. James Toth

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fulp

Mr. Sturby and Ms. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harp

Mr. Connell McConeghy

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pirritano

Ms. Joanne Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Schieve

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Silverman

Mr. Simonsson and Ms. Castillo

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sullivan