Parents' Association

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 Air Pods, LOL Gift Package, Girl's Shopping Day, Lulu Lemon Bag, Electric Scooter, Baking Gift Package, & Flyers Tickets w/ Parking.

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General Information

Parents' Association

The purpose of the Parents’ Association is to provide an effective structure to maximize parent participation in the life of the school community. All parents or guardians of children attending 
the Academy are members of the Association. Members are encouraged to attend the general meetings of the Parents’ Association. 

The Parents’ Association is committed to: 

  • Responsibly sharing in the development of a faith learning community so as to benefit our students’ education as members of the global, civic, and ecclesial community. 
  • Interdependently working with the administration and faculty/staff in the planning and implementation of programs and activities so as to develop an effective network of people. 
  • Creatively assisting in the long-range planning, financial support, and on-going evaluation of the school’s programs and offerings so as to effectively utilize the resources of the school community. 
  • Empowering its members through on-going education and active involvement so as to maximize the skills of the parents and others for the benefit of the school community. 

Contact the Parents' Association President, Megan Holden, to get involved!

Parents' Council

Within the Association, members of the Parents’ Council serve as a representative leadership team. The Council promotes maximum participation of parents through the areas of Development, Family Network, and FIAT Connect. 

Fiat Connect

The FIAT Connect Area encourages Christian values within the Academy and outside community. The activities of this area are focused on addressing the issues, needs, and concerns which pertain to promoting and achieving a global awareness of the gospel message. 

Family Network

The Family Network Area designs and implements activities which foster family unity and social involvement. This area is responsible for assisting with school activities and events which involve family (parent/child) and/or student participation. 


The Development Area actively promotes a strong level of financial support to the Academy. To this end, this area develops an extended community network, engages in long-range planning, and assists in the development and implementation of methods which result in the attainment of the Academy’s financial goals
and obligations.