Just A Note - 2nd Collection

Our health care workers still need out support!  

Each day doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are leaving the safety of their homes to take care of those sick with the Coronavirus.  They put their health and lives at risk in order to make sure others are well cared for.  They use their gifts of medical expertise and compassion to help those suffering.  This can be a challenging task, especially for some who have to stay away from their own families to protect them from COVID-19.  Sending a thank you note to these heroes would bring smiles to their hearts and renewed energy for their work.  If every child at Ancillae created a note, 575 medical professionals would feel our gratitude and love.  Our notes will be given to Abington Hospital and distributed to heroes at the end of their shifts.

Participate in the 'Just A Note' community event!

1.  Choose if you want to create your note by hand or with technology.  Keep your note to a 8 1/2 x 11 page.  It can be folded in half, in quarters, or left full page for a "sign" effect.

2.  Think about what you want to draw and write.  What would be a nice picture to brighten someone's day?  What message would be encouraging or express gratitude?  Can you share why you think their work is meaningful?  Remember a friendly letter format:  greeting, body, closing, signature.  Use your best printing so your message can be read.  Be creative and thoughtful so the recipient of your card can tell how much you care.

3.  Get to work!  Perhaps you want to make a rough draft first or work in pencil and then trace in marker.  Ask a parent for help or to check your work.  Want to make more than one?  Please do!  The more people we can thank, the bigger the difference we can make.  

Need a template to get you started?  Here is a powerpoint slide to guide you.  Open, edit, and save!

4.  Sign your card with your first name only, your grade, and school name.

5.  Send them in through August 30th:

Mail your cards to Ancillae using this address:
Ancillae-Assumpta Academy
Just a Note
2025 Church Rd.
Wyncote, PA 19095


Upload your cards in the simple form below.

6.  High five!  You did a great thing today :)


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