Virtual Ancillae Information



Elizabeth McCoy Emergency Tuition Fund
With compassion, we recognize the financial impact of this crisis in our community. Some members of our school family are directly feeling the economic impact of this crisis. Now is the time that we must accompany those who are in need. As a school family, we need to come together to support members of this community who need emergency financial aid to continue their Ancillae education. This Sunday, we will host a virtual McCoy Color Fun Event, and all sponsorships and registrations will be dedicated to keeping our school family intact through this crisis. Please do what you can to support members of our community who need temporary support through this unprecedented situation. Click here to donate!

Support Ancillae Small Businesses

Many of the small business owners in our Ancillae community have been faithful supporters of the Academy and could use our support at this time. 



Community Intentions

We believe in the power of prayer.  The Handmaids and the school community unite with you in your intentions.  Please share below to be added to our prayer list.