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1:1 FAQs

What does 1:1 mean?

1:1 means one iPad per student.

Why 1:1?

The Academy recognizes the importance of designing curriculum for 21st Century learners. The 1:1 World program will empower the 5th through 8th grade students with the skills and knowledge to be effective and responsible learners and digital citizens. A 1:1 program engages students in personalized, student-centered learning, maximizes the students’ opportunities for learning, and develops learning communities that empower students to become self-directed and engaged learners. It promotes access, engagement, individualization, and authenticity in the learning process, facilitating the ability to create, publish, connect, communicate, collaborate, research, and problem solve. The Academy also recognizes the evolution in education to use technology to reach diverse learning styles and prepare students for 1:1 programs after graduation.

Will the Academy be purchasing the iPads?

Yes, the Academy will be purchasing the iPads and will distribute the devices to students in the weeks prior to the start of the academic year.

What if a student already has an iPad? Can it be used?

No, the Academy will provide the iPads so that all students will have the same platform and software.

How will the Academy prepare my child for the 1:1 program?

The Academy is committed to helping our students grow into responsible and informed Digital Citizens. To that end, students will receive on-going in-class training on the organization and management of their device, as well as on the ways in which they can protect their digital footprint. In addition, many excellent educator and parental resources may be found at Common Sense Media, a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to helping parents and students become educated and responsible members of the digital world. Common Sense Media (

How will students receive their iPads?

Students will pick up their iPads during the first few days of school. Our 5th Grade Technology Orientation will have a brief session about basic guidelines, rules, and expectations for parents and students. There will also be important paperwork that will need to be completed for 5th-8th grade students.

Will there be an additional fee for the iPad?

No, the cost of the iPad is covered in the Technology Fee.

What happens if there is a problem with the iPad?

All the iPads are covered under AppleCare for any issues that fall under the warranty.


If there is an issue that falls out of the warranty scope of AppleCare, parents will be responsible to replace or fix the iPad by either using their device insurance, homeowners insurance, or pay out of pocket. If an iPad requires reimaging, it will not be backed up by the Tech staff at AAA. The Academy is not responsible for the loss of any software or documents due to reimaging. It is strongly recommended that students use Apple’s built-in iCloud storage solution to regularly back up their iPad.

Will the Academy provide a replacement if a student's iPad is being serviced?

Students will be issued a loaner iPad if their iPad is being serviced. Loaner iPads will not be issued to students who forget to bring their iPads to school.

Will the Academy provide a replacement if a student forgets to bring his/her iPad to school?

Students will not be given a loaner iPad if they forget to bring their iPad to school. Students will be expected to make up any work missed due to forgetting their iPad.

Will the Academy provide a case for the iPad?

Yes, the school will provide a case for the student iPads. Students may only use the provided case or designated keyboard cases for the iPad Pro or iPad 5th Gen.

Can students use their own headphones?

No, the school will have earbuds available for purchase at the school store.

Will the students be responsible for purchasing the apps that are used on their iPads?

No, the students will receive their apps through a self-service portal provided by the Academy.

Can I set Parental Controls on my child's iPad?

The built-in “Parental Controls” feature offered by Apple does not work with the Academy’s web-filtering network. Our Mobile Device Management and iBoss Web Filter will filter your child’s iPad off campus in the same way that it is filtered for in-school use. We also ask that you establish responsible use guidelines at home and review these with your child. 

Will the iPad need to be connected to the Internet to complete homework assignments?

Yes, students will complete some assignments online and save and/or submit their work using Canvas, Google Docs or their OneDrive accounts. Other assignments may be completed or revised off-line and then submitted or shared once they are connected to the Internet again.

Will students be able to access any web content at school and at home?

Students are filtered at the Academy using a web filter to block potentially harmful and inappropriate content. Additionally, students will be filtered at home with the same restrictions at school using the iBoss global proxy.

Will the Academy be able to turn on the camera or access my child's iPad at home?

No, the Academy does not posses the ability to remotely turn on the camera on his or her iPad or remotely access iPads off campus.

Can my child use a keyboard with the iPad?

Yes, you may purchase the Griffin Wired Keyboard for either the iPad Pro or the iPad (5th Gen).

iPad Tutorials

      iPad Set Up                Proxy                 Reset iPad

Canvas Info

Canvas is the Academy's Learning Management System. Families with students in grades 5 - 8 have access to Canvas where students and parents can view course information, homework, and other assessments.  Click on the links below for support. 

A video tutorial is available from Canvas to view. 

The link below will take you to the general Canvas Observer Guide. We have highlighted “Sections to View” that may be helpful in your initial set up of your account.

The Ancillae direct Canvas URL log in address is:    

This can also be found at the Ancillae Website Parent Page by clicking the Canvas Icon.

Sections to View:

What is the Observer Role?

How do I sign up for a Canvas account as a parent? 
How do I accept an invitation to join a course as an observer?

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences?

How do I navigate a Canvas course as an observer?

How do I link a student to my user account as an observer?

Parent Canvas App:

Canvas Parent enhances the potential for parents to engage in their children's education. Parents can review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades, and receive course announcements.

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