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This Montessori Page and the pages dedicated to each level, SSM, PS, and K, feature classroom highlights and previews, school reminders and dates, and home connections.  Pages are updated regularly, so check back frequently for new information!

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May Crowning


May 3rd – Kindergarten Trip to Elmwood Park Zoo
May 4th – Scholastic Book orders due
May 9th – SSM Spring Luncheon
(Meet at 9:30 a.m. in classroom.)
May 16th -  May Crowning for Montessori Unit
May 18th -  Montessori prayer service for Raphaela Mary
May 25th & May 28th – Memorial Day Holidays
June 1st – 11:30 am dismissal for full school
(No extended day due to graduation.)
June 4th – Last day at school for Montessori Unit
June 5th- Picnic at Alverthorpe Park for Montessori Unit
(9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)

Teacher's Favorite Books

Try one of these recommendations for some spring reading!

Are You My Mother?  P.D. Eastman

Backyard Birdwatch by Stephen W. Kress

The Day The Crayons Came Home by D. Daywalt and O. Jeffers

Egg by Kevin Henkes

The Lion Inside by Rachael Bright

Are We Still Friends? By Ruth Horowitz

Twenty Yawns by Jane Smiley



Scholastic Book orders are due on Friday, May 4th.  On-line orders can be made through Friday, May 11th.  This is our last order before our summer break- a great time to pick up some summer reading activities.  Please use code GMDDQ when ordering.  Thank you for your orders that have earned us many bonus points throughout the year to purchase books and classroom activities.

On May 16th, the Montessori unit will have a May Crowning. The children will walk from the Sacred Heart Center to the statue of Mary to the left of the main entrance.  Children are invited to bring in flowers to add to our baskets to decorate around the statue.

Mark your calendars to join us for our celebration of this year! The Montessori unit will meet at Alverthorpe Park on Tuesday, June 5th.  Children are asked to wear their Kite t-shirts. Kindergarten t-shirts will be made and sent home this month.

Pass It On

At school, we pass on energy by: jumping in to help others, holding the door as others pass, smiling and saying hello, saying “Yes” to invitations to learn new things, asking “What’s next?”, playing games at recess with friends...

At home, you can pass on energy by:  cleaning up toys without being asked, helping family with jobs around the house, by getting outside with family to exercise, creating a gift to give a neighbor (picture, cooking)...





Montessori Inspiration

“The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the child.”

Maria Montessori

Class Pages



In the Classroom

Monthly Themes, Topics & Concepts: Ladybugs, Flowers, Summer Safety, Bugs, Butterflies

Season: Spring

Color: Review all colors

Shape: Review all shapes

Letter: A-Z review

Art Medium: Color Dots

Prayer and Religion: God's Gifts of Spring

Science: Metamorphosis and Life Cycles


Songs, Books, Prayers

Songs: If All the Raindrops

Books: Goodnight Sweet Butterflies

Felt Board: Flowers

Happy Birthday!


Butterfly Fun

Students painted their own butterflies and watched as we released our real butterflies outside!

Schedule Info

Spanish: Tuesday

Music: Wednesday

Gym: Thursday

Dates to Remember

Spring Luncheon - May 9th


Contact Us

Mrs. Beth Mahan
Ext: 200 VM: 351

Mrs. Nicole Giorgione
Ext: 390

Mrs. Barbara Caffey
Ext: 340




Themes:  Life cycles, insects, plants and flowers, rocks, families, homes, outdoor nature walks, seasons 

Everyone was excited by the arrival of our caterpillars.  We will observe the life cycle of the butterfly first hand as we watch these caterpillars grow and form a chrysalis.  Then we will wait patiently for the butterflies to emerge.  Many new choices will teach us the parts of an insect.  We will work on symmetry as we look at the many types of butterflies and their wing patterns.

This month we will visit the statues on our property as we honor Mary with our May crowning and St. Raphaela Mary on her feast day, and celebrate our year together near the statue of Jesus.

Check out the different areas of our learning environment for a glimpse of the exciting work happening in our room!


We are learning about our planet and how to care for it.



Language work extends into all areas of the room.  Here a child labels the parts of a flower.


Children enjoy exploring with magnets.

Practical Life

Children enjoy polishing shoes as we move into activities that have many steps to accomplish.

Our Teams

PSB - Blue Team        
Clare Brown    ext. 339
Karla Russek    ext. 385
Jeanne Fleming    ext.342

PSW - White Team
Marianne Egner    ext.341
Marybeth Scher    ext.346
Marilyn McCombes   ext.344
Aleah Sullivan     ext.331 

PS Extended
Shanel Easter, Nicole Giorgione, 
Aleah Sullivan, Sr. Dona    ext.200


Gym -  Aleah Sullivan

Art - Brittany Flannigan
Tuesday (PSW) Wednesday (PSB)

Music - Gen Black
Thursday ( PSB) Friday (PSW)

Spanish - Dena Brown
Tuesday (PSB) Wednesday (PSW)

Artist of the Month

Preschool will be studying George Seurat during the month of May.  Seurat was born in Paris, France in 1859.  He created a method called pointillism. Pointillism uses dots instead of brush strokes to create a painting.

Show and Tell

May 4th - Reminds me of Mom

May 11th - Reminds me of Dad

May 18th - Sign of Summer


Matching coins



Children extend their work by building mazes and brick walls with the red rod, pink tower, and brown stair materials.



Monthly Message

What a wonderful time we had on our field trip. Thank you for making this a great day for our children!  We look forward to more nature walks now that spring has finally arrived.  Life cycles of animals and plants are just a few discoveries for this month. The bird feeder on the porch of the culture room is providing time for observation, We are making our kite t-shirts to wear at our end of year picnic. 


KA Highlight

Continent Identification

KB Highlight

KB enjoyed gym class with friends in 5th grade!

KC Highlight

Wrapping up Spanish this year with "Adios Amigos."

Contact Us

Bevin Bodnar   ext. 396

Chrissy Ragg   ext. 395

Marianna Farrell   ext. 394

Writing Lab 
Angela Olbrich   ext. 345

World Travels

Our last continent to visit this year is South America.  The children will locate it on the map and discover the largest country in South America is Brazil.  The rainforest provides a canopy to many interesting animals and plants to add to our continent studies. It has been fun to travel the world across our Kindergarten curriculum this year.

Creature Feature

Our creature feature this month is the Butterfly. We are so excited that our caterpillars arrived.  We are having fun watching them grow. We will learn about the lifecycle of the butterfly and watch it happen before our eyes.  At the end of the month, our butterflies will be released into nature.


Hail Mary, full of grace
The lord is with you 
Blessed are you among women
And blessed is the fruit of your Womb
Holy Mary
Mother of GOD
Pray for us sinners now
And at the hour of our death.

Work Choice Spotlight

Students work on learning the first one hundred sight words in kindergarten.  These words are grouped in tens. Each group is a different color such as red, green, yellow. The words are also printed in shapes like hearts, shamrocks, and flowers. Students read their words, record them, and then make a book of their words. Students are able to keep practicing their words month to month as the shapes change, but it's still the same 100 words.  


Specials teachers:  
Gym- Aleah Sullivan
Art- Alexia Perrine and Leanne Rich
Music- Gen Black
Library- Karen Sabatino
Spanish- Dena Brown
Religion- Jane Diorio




On Wednesdays, Kindergarten rotates through afternoon enrichment classes taught by each Kindergarten teacher: Sign/Spanish (Bodnar), Religion (Ragg), and Yoga (Farrell).