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This Montessori Page and the pages dedicated to each level, SSM, PS, and K, feature classroom highlights and previews, school reminders and dates, and home connections.  Pages are updated regularly, so check back frequently for new information!

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Monday, June 17th-  Ancillae-Assumpta Academy camp begins

Wednesday, August 21st -  Meet the Teachers- Montessori unit welcomes SSM/PS/ K children to visit between 3:00pm-6:00 pm. Invitations and class assignments will be sent out at the start of August.

Teachers' Favorite Books

Are You My Mother?  P.D. Eastman

Backyard Birdwatch by Stephen W. Kress

The Day The Crayons Came Home by D. Daywalt and O. Jeffers

Egg by Kevin Henkes

The Lion Inside by Rachael Bright

Are We Still Friends? By Ruth Horowitz

Twenty Yawns by Jane Smiley



April May Highlights


What a wonderful celebration at Alverthorpe Park to end our journey together. Please see the slide show below for some highlights.  On behalf of all the Montessori Unit faculty, we wish our families a happy summer!

End of Year progress reports will be emailed on Tuesday, June 4th.

Check out the resource box for a calendar of fun  and enriching summer activities as you journey through the summer months.

End Of Year Celebration

Journeying Together logo

At school we will journey together in celebration by: enjoying each last specials class, gathering together for our final day prayer service, playing and laughing with our friends and teachers, sharing our summer plans, celebrating together at Alverthorpe Park.

At home, we can journey together in celebration by:  making a celebration journal: each day of the summer add one thing that happened that day to celebrate, planning something special with one of my parents,  having a family night, create a party for no reason at all and invite over school friends

                         “Love and more love,  

             because love overcomes everything.” 

                           ~ St. Raphaela Mary 

Montessori Inspiration

"“There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all of the life to be found around them in a real forest.

Maria Montessori

May Prayer Services

Class Pages


Stepping Stones-May

In the Classroom

Monthly Themes: Ladybugs, Flowers, Summer Safety, Bugs, Butterflies

Season: Spring

Color: All Color Review

Shape: Review All Shapes

Letter: A-Z Review

Art Medium: Color Dots

Science: Metamorphosis and Life Cycles

Religion: God's Gifts of Spring

Songs, Books, Prayers

Songs: "It All the Raindrops"

Books: Goodnight Sweet Butterflies

Felt Board: Flowers


Happy Birthday!

Schedule Info

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Spanish

Thursday- Gym

Special Dates & Events

May 8th Spring Luncheon

Costumes & Props

4th Grade Visits with Chicks

Contact Us

Mrs. Beth Mahan
Ext: 200 VM: 351

Mrs. Nicole Giorgione
Ext: 390

Mrs. Barbara Caffey
Ext: 340


Preschool May

Monthly Message

Wishing you a summer of fun and discovery!  We enjoyed our journey together this year!

Practical Life

" The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self."  ~ Maria Montessori

Sensorial Area

  “The senses, being explorers of our world, open the way to knowledge.”    ~ Maria Montessori 

Math Area

“Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order, and intelligence. “  ~ Maria Montessori 

Culture Area

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” ~ Maria Montessori

Language Area

“Our aim therefore is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as the enthuse him to his inmost core.”              ~Maria Montessori

Science Area

"We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry." ~ Maria Montessori

Please Touch Museum Trip

Contact Us

Clare Brown    x 339
Karla Russek   x 385

Megan St. John  x 373
Karen Vizza    x 342

Marianne Egner   x 341
MaryBeth Scher   x 346


Specials teachers:  
Gym- Aleah Conlin
Art- Brittany Flanigan
Music- Gen Black
Spanish- Dena Brown

PSB - Mon- GYM Tues- ART Wed- ART Thurs- MUSIC Fri- SPANISH



Show And Tell

We appreciate your assistance in making this a fun experience for your child. Make a game out of finding an item that fits into our weekly theme. Please talk with your child ahead of time about what could be shared about this item with his/her classmates.


To Start our day:

Spirit of Life, we thank you for our new school day.
St. Raphaela Mary, Pray for Us.


Before lunch:

Thank you dear Jesus. This day is for you.
We ask you to bless all we think, say, and do.


Artist of the Month

Eric Carle is our artist of the month.  He is well known for his children's books.  He uses collage techniques to illustrate his books. Painting paper and then cutting into pieces , Eric  uses these paper pieces to create his characters and beautifully illustrate his books in a fun and cheerful display.


Kindergarten - May

Monthly Message

Have a wonderful summer!   We enjoyed our journey around the world with your children this year!   Happy summer travels!

KA Highlight

Kindergarten is using the iPads to research and present animal facts, and to participate in a Nearpod lesson on the function of totem poles in Native American culture.  

KB Highlight

March Accomplishments

KC Highlight

Learning fun!

Writing Lab

Kindergarten children visit the writing lab in ½ cluster groups three times a week. The Fundations program is incorporated into these sessions. Fundations is a reading program that uses a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling words with phonics.  The skills taught through Fundations, are laying the necessary foundations for your child to become a fluent, independent reader.

We have begun Unit 4 in Fundations. We are continuing to learn:

*how to read and blend three-sound words
*how to segment or pull apart sounds in a word
*how to spell three sound words
*how to read short sentences
*many new sight words
* digraphs wh, ch, ck, sh, th

Try these fun games to practice sight words at home.

 1.     Sight word swat- Write each sight word on a posted note.   Maybe start out with 10.  Get a fly swatter.  The adult calls out a sight word and the child finds the sight word and splats it with a fly swatter.  Sight word swat is a great way of giving the child repetition and they will achieve mastery while having fun.  

2.     Sight word memory – write two cards of each sight word.  Start out with 10 pairs of sight words.  Make sure cards are shuffled and arrange them face down.  The child picks one card and turns it over, the child reads the word on the card.  The child then picks a second card, turns it over and reads it.  If the child has a match then both cards are removed.  If they do not find a match turn both cards over and next player takes their turn.  If playing alone the child tries again to find a match.  

3.    Sight word disappear- If it is a nice day out you can take the sight word game outside. Write sight words on the ground with chalk.  Take a spray bottle full of water and if the child can read he sight word then they can spray the word until it disappears.  Can also be done with a large paint brush and water, they can brush the sight word away.

4.    Cup stacking sight word game – Write a sight word on a plastic or strong paper cup. As the child reads a sight word start to stack them up creating a tower in the shape of a triangle.  Start out with 10 sight words and then add more sight words to cups as the child masters the sight words.  Have fun building the tower and eventually knocking it down when done.  

5.    Sight word stomp – Write 10 or more sight words on an index card, spread them around on the floor and call out a word.  Have your child stomp on the sight word that you called out.  You can use this game for other skills as well. For example, numbers, math problems, letters and sounds.

Contact Us

Bevin Bodnar   ext. 396

Chrissy Ragg   ext. 395

Marianna Farrell   ext. 394

Writing Lab 
Angela Olbrich   ext. 345

World Travels

We landed in South America as we finished our travels around the world this year.  We are grateful for the many  items collected on our monthly displays and for the parents that enriched our curriculum through their presentations of their travels and cultures. 

Creature Feature

March and April is for the dogs!  There are so many interesting members of the dog family including wolves, foxes, coyotes, and dingoes.  We will be talking about these interesting families, especially the wolves of North America, which we hope to see on our field trip.


Thank you GOD for spring

With it’s breath of fresh air

To be outside again and feel

The wind in your hair

For the tulips and daffodils

Yes for those we give thanks too

To think why all this has happened 

Was of course because of you!



Work Choice Spotlight

The Addition Strip Board

The addition strip board is a gridded board that uses two sets of wooden numbered strips to perform addition problems.The Children complete sequenced addition problems by reading equations and combining different numbered strips to count their answers.  The answers are noted on the board and the children are invited to record their sums with paper and pencil.  The addition strip board provides a concrete way for children to begin solving and memorizing addition facts.


Specials teachers:  
Gym- Aleah Conlin
Art- Alexia Perrine
Music- Gen Black
Library- Karen Sabatino
Spanish- Dena Brown
Religion- Jane Diorio




On Wednesdays, Kindergarten rotates through afternoon enrichment classes taught by each Kindergarten teacher: Sign/Spanish (Bodnar), Religion (Ragg), and Yoga (Farrell).