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This Montessori Page and the pages dedicated to each level, SSM, PS, and K, feature classroom highlights and previews, school reminders and dates, and home connections.  Pages are updated regularly, so check back frequently for new information!

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Tuesday, March 19th - Parent Workshop- A Day in the Life of Your Montessori Child presented by Megan St. John 7:00pm -8:00 pm 

Thursday, March 21st- SSM Career Day

Friday, March 22nd- PS Dinosaur Museum Day

Friday,March 22nd - Sneak Up on Hunger -  bring in a canned good to be donated to local food banks

Sunday, April 7th - McCoy Color Run- please see weekly email for detailed information. Please plan to join us for the fun family event

Thursday, April 11th- Preschool trip to Please Touch Museum

Thursday, May 2nd- Kindergarten Trip to Elmwood Park Zoo

Teachers' Favorite Books

Whoever You Are  by Mem Fox

The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever  by Teddy Slater

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

St. Patrick’s Day By Gail Gibbons

Jack and the Leprechaun by Ivan Robertson

Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie de Paola


February Highlights

Ash Wednesday


Megan St John will offer an informative parent workshop on Tuesday March 19th. See box below for more details.  RSVP to if you will attend.

Preschool information on the school trip is being sent home in your child's bag Thursday, March 7th. Please send in your reply by March 22nd. We look forward to a fun day with our preschool families at the Please Touch Museum.  Download the form.

Dr. Seuss Day

If I Ran the Circus

A Day ( Hour)  in the Life of Your Montessori Child.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019   7  - 8 pm

Presented by:  Megan St. John, PreSchool Lead Teacher

Sacred Heart Center

We are excited to offer this parent class to our families that want to know more about Montessori and the hands-on curriculum that your child experiences each day. Megan offers this workshop as part of her requirements for her Master degree in education at Chestnut Hill College.  This hour long workshop will have us journey together through your child’s life in a Montessori classroom.  We will touch on most areas of the Montessori classroom with a focus on lessons in the math area. Come and see individual lessons demonstrated and have an opportunity to work with the materials yourself.  We will be taking a closer look at the hands-on experiences that allow the child to develop their own mathematical mind. Our snack table will be open with light refreshments.  Hope you can join this hands on glimpse into Montessori.  Please RSVP @: by Friday, March 15th.

Journeying Together logo

At school we will journey together in holiness by: meeting weekly in chapel for our Lenten prayer services,  learning about the life of Jesus, visiting our prayer corners, showing love and kindness to  everyone we meet, saying prayers to start our day and before lunch

At home, we can journey together in holiness by:  choosing something that as a family you will do for Lent that will help someone less fortunate, going to church on Sundays, saying grace before meals,  saying nightly prayers

                         “Love and more love,  

             because love overcomes everything.” 

                           ~ St. Raphaela Mary 

Montessori Inspiration

"Let the teacher not lose sight of the fact that the goal sought is not an immediate one - not the hike - but rather to make the spiritual being which she is educating capable of finding his way by himself.” Maria Montessori

Class Pages


Stepping Stones-March

In the Classroom

Monthly Themes: Lent, Rainbows, Sun, The Cross, Pot of Gold, Egg, Lions, Lambs

Season: Spring

Color: Green, Gold and Pastels

Shape: Shamrock 


Letter: V, W, X

Art Medium: Cutting, Chalk and Foam Paint

Science: Shamrock and Seeds

Religion: Saint Patrick

Songs, Books, Prayers

Songs: "I'm a Little Leprechaun"

Books: Lucky Tucker, Hooray for Saint Patrick's Day

Felt Board: Three Green and Speckled Frogs


Happy Birthday!

Schedule Info

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Spanish

Thursday- Gym

Special Dates & Events


March 14th - Leprechaun Hunt

March 21st - Career Day

March 28th -Camping Day


Save the Date:

Donuts With Dad April 4th

SSM Special Dates 2018-2019

Leprechaun Hunt

Career Day

Contact Us

Mrs. Beth Mahan
Ext: 200 VM: 351

Mrs. Nicole Giorgione
Ext: 390

Mrs. Barbara Caffey
Ext: 340


Preschool - March

Monthly Message


As winter holds on, we are having indoor fun with snow painting and block building.

Our dinosaur unit has us identifying dinosaurs, digging for bones as paleontologist , and making  a volcano erupt.  Our dinosaur unit ends with a "dino"mite day of fun.  On Friday March 22nd, we invite your child to bring in a dinosaur toy or book to place in our own class dinosaur museum. (Please remember to label for a safe return home.) Children will enjoy a visit to the museum, a prehistoric snack mix, and an afternoon stegosaurus parade through the school. 

Skills: rhyming, positional words, opposites, color identification, skip counting, classification, organizing, sequence, size order

Themes: dinosaurs, Lent, rainbows, Ireland, Spring

Our area boxes will highlight work choices in each area of our classroom.

Practical Life

" The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self."  ~ Maria Montessori

Sensorial Area

  “The senses, being explorers of our world, open the way to knowledge.”    ~ Maria Montessori 

Math Area

“Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order, and intelligence. “  ~ Maria Montessori 

Culture Area

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” ~ Maria Montessori

Language Area

“Our aim therefore is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as the enthuse him to his inmost core.”              ~Maria Montessori

Science Area

"We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry." ~ Maria Montessori

America the Beautiful

Preschool Trip to  PLEASE TOUCH MUSEUM

Time to Mark Your Calendar

APRIL 11, 2019

This year the Preschool trip will be to the Please Touch Museum on Thursday, April 11th. Please plan to join us for this fun morning. Information and reply form sent home in your child's bag.  Or, RSVP below!

Activities planned:     
9:30-9:45 Orientation     
9:45-12:00  Floor Time. Carousel Hand Stamp for anytime
12:00-12:30  Lunchtime    
12:30  Departure


Did you know Mae Jamison is an American engineer, physician and NASA astronaut.  She became the first African American woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the space shuttle Endeavor on September 12, 1992. Children had fun making rockets.


Contact Us

Clare Brown    x 339
Karla Russek   x 385

Megan St. John  x 373
Karen Vizza    x 342

Marianne Egner   x 341
MaryBeth Scher   x 346


Specials teachers:  
Gym- Aleah Conlin
Art- Brittany Flanigan
Music- Gen Black
Spanish- Dena Brown

PSB - Mon- GYM Tues- ART Wed- ART Thurs- MUSIC Fri- SPANISH



Show And Tell

We appreciate your assistance in making this a fun experience for your child. Make a game out of finding an item that fits into our weekly theme. Please talk with your child ahead of time about what could be shared about this item with his/her classmates.

March themes:  Fridays

March 1st   2 things that rhyme

March 8th   2 opposites

March 15th  Green

March 22nd   A sign of Spring

March 29th   A favorite animal


To Start our day:

Spirit of Life, we thank you for our new school day.
St. Raphaela Mary, Pray for Us.


Before lunch:

Thank you dear Jesus. This day is for you.
We ask you to bless all we think, say, and do.


Artist of the Month

Eric Carle is our artist of the month.  He is well known for his children's books.  He uses collage techniques to illustrate his books. Painting paper and then cutting into pieces , Eric  uses these paper pieces to create his characters and beautifully illustrate his books in a fun and cheerful display.


Kindergarten - March

Monthly Message

As we "march" along through our year, we are excited to see signs of spring emerge.  Children are moving into choices that challenge their organization  and put into practice the many skills learned.  

KA Highlight

KA studies of Africa including animals and Swahili language

KB Highlight

March Accomplishments

KC Highlight

Learning fun!

Writing Lab

Kindergarten children visit the writing lab in ½ cluster groups three times a week. The Fundations program is incorporated into these sessions. Fundations is a reading program that uses a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling words with phonics.  The skills taught through Fundations, are laying the necessary foundations for your child to become a fluent, independent reader.

We are learning to identify, write, and recall the sounds of all of the letters of the alphabet and now it is time to blend the sounds together to build words.  We have been working hard practicing our decoding skills.  We are learning to blend words with three letter sounds by tapping each sound. Ask your child to show you how they can tap out the sounds of a word.

Kindergartens made beautiful spring flowers on the computer in anticipation of spring!! 

Contact Us

Bevin Bodnar   ext. 396

Chrissy Ragg   ext. 395

Marianna Farrell   ext. 394

Writing Lab 
Angela Olbrich   ext. 345


Social Moves is a playgroup specifically designed to promote prosocial behaviors and productive social language. Over the course of the play sessions, children will gain insight in the joys of having friends and being part of a group while bringing awareness to their bodies, emotions and reactions in social situations. 

Over the four weeks, the focus will be on flexibility in friendships, problem solving during play, the gift of compromise and recognizing expectations in social situations. The children will learn how to share space with others. They will learn how to label their emotions and body language in a variety of social scenarios so that they gain self-regulation strategies that can be practiced in and out of school. Lastly, the children will begin to develop a sense of empathy for others as we all have sensory differences.  All of this will occur through fun, play-based activities.

 Meet Coach Janice   Janice Dombroski Pfeiffer is a pediatric physical therapist with over twenty years of experience.  As the mother of three boys, she recognizes the varying differences among children in social situations. Additionally, as a physical therapist, Janice understands that children figure out the world through movement and play.        

 Meet Coach Lauren  Lauren Zingaro-Toth has been teaching children with special needs for over twenty years. Lauren is the mom of two (one of which attends Ancillae!) She recognizes the necessity of learning through play while developing social skills. 

Together, the two coaches have married their expertise and would like to offer Kindergarteners an opportunity to have fun while learning foundational skills for socialization.  As this is a pilot program being offered to our Ancillae-Assumpta Academy Kindergarten, there will be no fee for this session. The session is limited to 8 children.

Session Dates: 3/28, 4/4, 4/11, 4/25     3:00-4:15 p.m.  Pick up in main lobby

To register email:   subject line: social moves.     CLASS HAS FILLED 

100 day song

World Travels

Our travels land us in North America for the months of March and April. The children will be learning where North America is located on the globe and what countries makeup this continent where we live.  We will take a look at the culture, land and animals throughout the next two months.  Children are welcome to bring in pictures, artifacts, and books that connect to our travels which will be displayed for the month on our windowsill display and shared at circle time. Our trip o Elmwood Park Zoo on May 2nd will connect with our studies of the animals of North America.  

Creature Feature

March and April is for the dogs!  There are so many interesting members of the dog family including wolves, foxes, coyotes, and dingoes.  We will be talking about these interesting families, especially the wolves of North America, which we hope to see on our field trip.


May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind always be at your back

May the sun shine warm on your face

May the rain fall softly on your fields

And until we meet again, May GOD hold

You in the palm of his hand



Work Choice Spotlight

The Addition Strip Board

The addition strip board is a gridded board that uses two sets of wooden numbered strips to perform addition problems.The Children complete sequenced addition problems by reading equations and combining different numbered strips to count their answers.  The answers are noted on the board and the children are invited to record their sums with paper and pencil.  The addition strip board provides a concrete way for children to begin solving and memorizing addition facts.


Specials teachers:  
Gym- Aleah Conlin
Art- Alexia Perrine
Music- Gen Black
Library- Karen Sabatino
Spanish- Dena Brown
Religion- Jane Diorio




On Wednesdays, Kindergarten rotates through afternoon enrichment classes taught by each Kindergarten teacher: Sign/Spanish (Bodnar), Religion (Ragg), and Yoga (Farrell).