Extended Day

Easter is on the way


The seasons are always changing and the clothing of our students are as well; Please help us to keep their belongings with them by labeling coats, hats, gloves, extra clothes etc.

Thank You 

A Book A Day!
We ask that each of our graders bring a book with them to Extended Day to read once they have completed homework. Some children will complete their homework before others and if early finishers are reading to occupy their time, no one will feel rushed. 

Memorable Moments

Program Notes

When you are picking up your child from Extended Day, please be sure to sign your child out on our clipboard.

Changes in Pick Up
If someone new is picking up your child from Extended Day, please be sure to send a note to school to let us know and have that person bring a driver's license for verification.

Directions for Pick-Up
    •    Students in SSM, PS, and K: Are located in the Stepping Stones into Montessori classroom in the Sacred Heart Center. Please ring the doorbell  at the double doors on the driveway side. A staff member will come up to let you in the building.
    •    Students in Grades 1-8: Are located in the Fiat Library in the Fiat Center. To pick up your child, please ring the doorbell at the blue door located under the words Fiat Center on the stone building. A staff member will come down from the library to let you in. 
    •    If we are not in the building, there will be a sign outside of our designated areas indicating where we are. To pick up at the playground, you will walk across the parking lot toward the pre school building and you will pick up at the playground that is right next to the Church Rd exit.
Every child needs:
-A change of clothes for emergency purposes
-Their school bags to be clearly labeled (because they are all the same) 
-Please call us if you feel you may be later than 5:45pm for pickup; as well as if there are any sudden changes with who will be picking up.
The parking for Extended Day Pick Up is indicated on specific areas located near our buildings next to the Stepping Stones into Montessori lobby.



Shanel Easter
Ext. Day Moderator
voicemail ext. 355 

Julia Miller
ext. 380

Sr. Donna & Sr. Cecilia


Bethanne Brown
ext. 306

Emily Somogyi
ext. 381

To reach us during extended hours 3:30-5:30: 
Montessori Unit ext. 200
Graders ext. 172

If you are running late, please use ext. 200 to leave a message.