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A Letter to Our Families
Posted 11/17/2017 08:38AM

Dear Families, 

Now that we are half way through the month of November and very close to the celebration of Thanksgiving, it is time to reflect on our theme for this month. We are invited to Pass On Gratitude. Gratitude is such a simple word and yet there are times when it is so difficult to put it into practice.  There are times when we are consumed by our worries, our anxieties, our fears.  These preoccupations keep us from thinking about all that God gives to us each day.  We take so many wonderful and simple joys for granted.  We can begin by thanking God for our life, our health, our family, our faith.  Without our faith, all would be hopeless.  There are times when we can be surprised by the simple gestures of our children.  It is when they do something without our asking that we are surprised.  It is then that they learn how to be grateful…how to be thankful.  It has been said that gratitude is the way to bring more into our lives.  How true!  It is when we reach beyond ourselves and delight in all that we have that we find joy. 

As a school community, we thank God daily that you are part of our community.  Each family brings gifts, talents, insights, and ideas that enrich our lives. As community, we are grateful for the second grade students who will be receiving the Sacrament of Eucharist.  The joy on their faces and the desire to welcome Jesus are a testament of the simplicity of their faith and their love for God.  Eucharist is remembrance.  We remember the extraordinary and unconditional love that our God has for us as to give us His Son as our food on this journey.  Let us remember to be thankful for this gift.  Our eighth grade students will show their gratitude for their parents at the Thanksgiving liturgy and dinner next week.  Each student will take time to express his/her gratitude in words and in actions.

We as a Handmaid community will remember you and your family in our Mass on Thanksgiving Day.  We ask God to continue to give you what you need and what will bring you closer to Him.
Happy Thanksgiving!


With love and thanks,


Amy Lintner                       Maureen Gillespie, acj
  Director                                   Principal

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