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Bullying Prevention

The R.I.C.E. In Action Program, based on the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, is incorporated into the curriculum and school schedule to support the Academy's vision of personal excellence in a warm, friendly atmosphere.  In a school that emphasizes gospel values, the importance of a global viewpoint, and the interrelatedness of peoples, we are committed to educating the whole child and to teaching our students to positively relate to one another through shared responsibility, human interdependence, dynamic creativity, and people empowerment.  Classroom meetings, activites, discussions, and lessons support this aim.  These efforts are further strengthened by the school-wide involvement of all adults.

Center of Life and Learning

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy, while maintaining its commitment to educate young students, is also committed to teaching adults.  Believing strongly in the value of each person becoming a life-long learner, the Academy has developed a Center of Life and Learning and offers classes to stimulate and enrich the growth of adult learners.  

Class offerings vary year to year and are publicized to the community through the Ancillae News & Updates weekly email.



In addition to an outstanding academic program, the Academy offers a variety of co-curriculuar activities. Offerings such as arts and crafts, technology, cooking, and sports enable students to acquire skills and self-confidence in artistic as well as practical fields.  These programs feed students' interests, develop their talents, and offer a social outlet. Fall, winter, and spring classes are offered and registration brochures are available a few weeks prior.

Past classes include:

Collage Creations, Fine Motor Fun, Healthy Eats & Treats, Bricks & Brains for Boys, Baking Fun, Bricks & Brains for Girls, Art of Code,  Building Bots, Hoops, Field Hockey, and i9 Sports Soccer, Basketball, and Cheerleading.

Extended Day

The Extended Day Program, available to all students in full day Pre-school to grade 8, provides families with after-school care for working parents. Extended Day ensures basic safety and a stimulating yet secure environment where children participate in a variety of well-supervised activities in a cooperative setting.  Students from grades 1 to 8 are provided supervised study time to do their homework.

Extended Day is not offered on early dismissal days and may close for weather-related early dismissals.  

Visit the Extended Day Class Page to see the program in action! 



Montessori Unit


Grades 1 - 8 



 3:10 pm - 5:45 pm


3:10 pm - 5:45 pm 



 Handmaids Center -
 PS/K Upstairs Classroom


Handmaids Center - 
Science Lab



 Snacks, stories, songs
 & movement, craft projects,
 outdoor play, age appropriate 
 games and puzzles


 Homework time with
 assistance from Extended 
 Day teachers, snack, outdoor
 play, creative art, games, and 

Older children are given the opportunity to join the younger group of children as a leader in games and projects. This partnering fosters responsibility as well as providing an opportunity to experience the joy of friendship and respect through volunteering. 

Please contact the Business Office for registration fees and information. 

Food Service

Ancillae Assumpta Academy strives to provide healthy and nutritious lunches to the students, faculty, and staff.  We believe that teaching our students the value of nutrition and healthy eating habits at a young age will help instill the knowledge they need to make healthful, wholesome choices as they become adults.  Our foodservice staff is committed to sustainable practices by recycling plastic and cardboard, providing paperless lunches, and composting food scraps.  

Our foodservice staff have been serving the AAA community with fresh and home-made foods for over 20 years.  We believe in going the extra mile by using high quality ingredients to prepare a variety of delicious and nutritious options for the wellness of our students, faculty, and staff.  The foodservice staff is passionate about their work and hopes each student feels refreshed and nourished when they leave the dining room.

Ancillae Assumpta Academy, is a peanut and nut free school.  We pay great attention to making sure our products do not contain or come in contact with any of these allergies.  Our staff is knowledgeable with these food restrictions as well as gluten free, dairy free and soy free diets.  We work closely with our purveyors to make sure we are using safe ingredients.  Our purveyors deliver locally sourced ingredients ranging from Lancaster, PA to Hammonton, NJ when available.

The food service program is coordinated by Sarah Wade and staffed by Sue Fithian, Joann Becher, Elsa Cruz, Kristin Long, Mary Lamsback, Holly Esposito and Heather Simmons.  All members are CPR and SERVSAFE certified. Our purveyors include US Foods, Seashore Fruit and Produce, Balford Farms, and Conshohoken Italian Bakery.

What's offered in the lunch program?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered daily and make up our beautiful Salad Bar and Fresh Fruit Offerings.  We offer extensive deli and cold cut selections, we even roast our own hams and turkeys.  These items come served on a fresh baked roll or bread from Conshohoken Italian Bakery, made from scratch with no preservatives. Our daily hot entrée selection is typically a seasonal menu choice based on the students' likes.  In addition, we serve a specialty item each day that features gourmet ingredients and/or cooking.  Our daily offering does not end there, we also have a variety of yogurts, parfaits, or smoothies.  On occasion we offer a delicious homemade dessert.  


Counseling services, provided by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (Act 89) and administered by a certified school counselor, include educational evaluation, consultation with parents, staff, administrators, and students, and individual and group counseling.  The Academy's school counselor complements the services provided by the MCIU in grades 5-8.  The Guidance Office partners with the Health Office and Resource Learning to coordinate programming that addresses the total wellbeing of students.


The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of utmost importance.  The Health Office is staffed every day by one of three registered nurses who see to the daily health needs of our students.  In addition, Cheltenham Township provides a school nurse to conduct screenings and oversee medical, dental, and immunization records.  Our Health and Medication Policy was formulated according to the guidelines of Cheltenham Township and includes a strict Food Allergen Policy.  Families with students having special health needs work closely with the Health Office to develop a Care Plan that best meets the child’s individual needs.  Teachers are confidentially informed and implement measures that affect children while in the classroom.  Designated staff are trained in CPR and the use of AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillator).  Wellness week, scheduled annually, taps resources from outside the community to address physical, mental, and social health issues.

Contact the Health Office:
School Phone: 215-885-1636, Nurse Ext. 109
Fran Lantieri      flantieri@ancillae.org
Gina O'Malley    gomalley@ancillae.org
Susan Saloma   ssaloma@ancillae.org 

Fax: 267-627-5181

For more information, see the Health Office folder on the Parents' page.

Service Learning

 The Mission of Ancillae-Assumpta Academy is to educate students with love and for love so that they become Responsible, Interdependent, Creative and Empowered Christians who utilize their God-given talents in service to others. To do so, we incorporate service learning into our rich curriculum with the intention of framing the students’ academic development in a Christian framework, recognizing that the gifts that we have been given are meant to be strengthened and shared in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. Students learn to appreciate and to care for the particular gifts and abilities they have received, especially their education. They will grow to recognize their responsibility to develop these gifts and to share them in creative ways, seeking a more meaningful life for all. Learning and service are connected to the intellectual and moral development of each student. 

Ancillae’s Service Learning is based on Catholic Social Teaching. As the US Conference of Catholic Bishops affirms1, the Church's social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. 

Rather than creating a separate curriculum about Catholic Social Teaching, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy provides formal study of the seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching within the Religion Curriculum and then integrates this study and discussion with a concrete and direct service opportunity that is grade appropriate. The dialogue between the social teaching of the Church on justice with the needs of people in our local community as well as those in our global community teaches students through an integral experience that we must put “two feet of love in action”2 in order to respond to issues facing our world. The work for social justice and charitable works must complement each other. 

This service learning pedagogy is an expression of the charism of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that of reparation. The educational mission of the school flows from this charism that seeks to work with Christ to bring healing to people’s hearts and peace to their relationships with God, with one another, and with creation.


1 From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, www.usccb.org

2 USCCB document: “Two Feet of Love in Action”

Student Advisory

The Ancillae-Assumpta Academy Student Advisory Program is designed to assist students in gaining essential academic, social, and life competencies. The program is based on the belief that students need the opportunity to develop relationships with adult educators who act as guides and advocates for the students and can offer support in difficult social or academic situations. Further, the advisory program offers guidance for students during adolescence and fosters the development of self-esteem and resiliency. Students in grades six, seven, and eight, meet in small groups once a week with a faculty or staff advisor.

Program Goals:

The Advisory Program will provide students the academic skills necessary to become more efficient learners and to improve their academic achievement through goal-setting activities, high expectations, and academic support.

The Advisory Program will help students develop the necessary life skills for the management of daily activities. Additionally, the program will increase positive relationships within the community through service projects.

The Advisory Program will help students develop social competencies that will enhance their interactions and communication with peers. It will also provide each student with an adult advocate, fostering supportive and caring relationships with faculty and peers. 


We encourage all of our school families to take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer in both classroom activities and in school-wide events.  Parent contributions are invaluable, and we truly appreciate the time and talents that are provided to our school. School family involvement allows us to host the exceptional family, social, community, and fund-raising events that make Ancillae-Assumpta such a special school.

Volunteer opportunities include the planning and execution of classroom activities, school-wide events, and services in areas of Student Dining, Science Fair, Communications Office, Sacred Heart Center, Athletics, and Forensics.

Opportunities are communicated in several ways to our parents via:

  • emails from Homeroom Moms.
  • the weekly Online Communication Envelope.
  • a school-wide request form in the paper Communication Envelope.

Volunteer Program Requirements

A school volunteer is defined as an individual who provides service to students, staff, or Academy operations without compensation.  This includes, but is not limited to, chaperoning field trips, assisting in classroom or school events, office support, etc. regardless if volunteering is at a single event or over a period of time.

Pennsylvania state law (Act 153 of 2014) now requires that all volunteers, new or existing, must have clearances on school file.  Clearances obtained within the calendar year to the date of submission will be considered valid.  All volunteers will be required to submit the following information every 60 months. We recommend that all parents complete these clearances.

1.  PA Child Abuse History Certification

Once an account is created, submit for this clearance online. 

2.  PA State Police Criminal History Report 

Submit online and receive clearance immediately. 

3.  Volunteer Affirmation

Volunteers who have lived continuously within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the last ten years can complete the Volunteer Affirmation in lieu of the Report of Federal Criminal History (FBI Fingerprinting). If a volunteer has not been a Pennsylvania resident for the last ten years, they must provide the FBI Fingerprint based Federal Criminal History. ($28.75) 

Without these submitted documents, the Academy cannot authorize a parent to assist with any school-related activity during the school year. 

Volunteer documents should be submitted to Meredith Finnegan. Please retain a copy for your records.  Meredith can be reached at mfinnegan@ancillae.org or 215-885-1636 ext. 103 with questions about Volunteer documents. 

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer at Ancillae-Assumpta Academy and for your attention to this important matter. The new requirements for volunteer clearances further support our commitment to student safety.

Volunteer Guidelines

Parking is limited on campus.  Spots may be available in the Temporary Parking Zone outside of the McCoy Center or in the Child Safe Zone if the chains are down. In both areas, be sure to move your car at 2:00 p.m. Parking is also available in the parking lot at the bottom of the property as well as the grassy spots on the right side of the driveway.  Please avoid the following for parking:  handicapped spots, Auction Winner Spot, reserved cones/signs, along the driveway, or on neighboring streets. 

Please enter through the front door of the McCoy Center and stop at the Reception Desk.  There you will sign in and receive a name tag to be worn while volunteering. Volunteers for the Sacred Heart Center will be given a vistor's fob to gain access to the SHC.  Upon completion of your volunteering, please sign out at the Reception Desk.

As you spend time on campus, please remember to respect the confidentiality and reputation of our community members.  Inform Sister Maureen of any concerns that arise during your volunteer hours.  

For assistance using the office machines in the Flex Space or Communications Office, please see Meredith Finegan.

Volunteers are welcome to enjoy lunch from our Student Dining Room as a thank you!


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