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About AAA

Inspired by the life of St. Raphaela Mary, a Handmaid education endeavors to lead one to find God in all things and to celebrate God's unconditional love with a passion for wholeness, peace, and reconciliation.  We feel blessed to be one of the Handmaid schools throughout the world. Our dream is to be united in heart and spirit with other Handmaid schools as we promote the Handmaids’ and the school’s mission in the daily ministry of education.


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Celebrations of the Eucharist for the school community and individual classes unite us frequently as a faith community.  Faculty and students have the privilege of daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Saint Raphaela Mary Chapel. 

Throughout their religious studies and sacramental preparation, the spiritual development of our students is enhanced through liturgies, prayer experiences, and service outreach. Our hope is that our children will live faith-filled lives; become caring, responsible, creative individuals; and fulfill their responsibilities to society and the Church with hope, courage, and optimism.   Praying before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the wellspring of love and strength we need to actualize the Handmaid vision of unity.

In our Pre-school and Kindergarten programs, the Montessori philosophy serves as the basis for sound educational ideology, promoting inquiry and independence in a prepared learning environment.

Our students meet with a challenging and engaging curriculum, expansive in its breadth and scope.  Our goal is to give our students the skills and resources necessary to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century and to do so in every curricular area with the same degree of emphasis and importance.

In grades 1 to 4, certified teachers partner with the homeroom teachers for classes in math and language arts, allowing for flexible grouping and smaller student-to-teacher ratios.  Students benefit greatly from the co-teaching environment.

Students in grades 5 to 8 have varied heterogeneous groupings in religion, language arts, social studies, science, art, and music classes providing for a more collaborative and dynamic learning environment. Math groupings in grades 6 to 8 are based on skill level.

Because Ancillae-Assumpta Academy is committed to fostering a global awareness in all of our students, the NASA photograph of planet Earth is placed in each classroom.  In a practical way, our children learn that our world, our environment, our home, needs and deserves care.  The Academy’s commitment to “reverence creation” is promoted by advancing a “green” environment through recycling, energy efficiency, and judicious use of resources.



At Ancillae-Assumpta Academy, we realize that the journey from the classroom to the real world is an important one, and that it is our responsibility to help our children navigate the path that lies ahead of them. In our attempts to choose a proactive approach to many of the societal and moral challenges that confront our students, the Academy offers programs in life skills, bullying prevention, and wellness that teach a healthy respect for one’s mind and body.

The three A’s, while certainly an abbreviation for the name of the school, may also stand for Academics, Arts, and Athletics.   We value each of these areas as equally and as critically important in the educational arena that supports and promotes a well-rounded learning environment.

Comprehensive fine arts and athletic programs, characterized by skill development and team effort, incorporate and extend academic offerings. Continual learning takes place through the many co-curricular activities, school programs, and events in which students participate.



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in grades 4-8 at junior varsity
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