Our students are immersed in the fine arts from Handbells to Music Tech, from play rehearsals to textile class.  All students leave Ancillae with a tremendous amount of experience performing and an understanding of how creativity enriches life.

A music instructor leading a group of students on stage


Fine Arts Offerings

Private Music Lessons

Private music instruction involves a 1:1 learning situation for each child.  Teachers identify student strengths and increase successful experiences.  Student involvement and progress is documented with notations in the student Practice and Progress book and also via PowerSchool.  All private instructors are willing to assist with Scholarship Auditions.  Students should inform their instructor of their scholarship interest by 7th grade.

Lessons are offered in:
Traditional Piano
Brass Instruments
Percussion Instruments
String Instruments
Woodwind Instruments


Music ensembles provide an excellent opportunity for augmenting the skills and abilities acquired through private study, in addition to fostering musical and group cohesion.  Meeting weekly for group rehearsals, ensembles have the opportunity to participate in concerts, recitals, school liturgies, and community performances.  Student involvement and progress is documented each trimester, with reports sent to the parent/s via PowerSchool.

Ensembles include:
Handbell Choir
Music Tech Ensemble
Mixed Chorus
Service Musicians

Select Ensembles

Select ensembles are comprised of students who participate in Band or Mixed Chorus and have demonstrated the ability to undertake the study of more complex music.  Entrance to the select ensembles is based on audition or teacher recommendation, and is left to the discretion of the Ensemble Director/s.

Select ensembles include:
Chamber Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Vocal Ensemble
String Ensemble

Visual Arts

Intermediate & Advanced Sewing/Quilting 
This offering introduces new skills including how to sew button holes and install simple zippers and facings. Students also learn the basics of quilting - learning how to choose colors, do precision cutting and piecing, layer fabrics,
and bind a quilt. 

Set and Scenery Design 
This class exposes students to the design and technical aspects of theater. Through individual and group projects in costume, set, and prop design, students work as a team to stage our spring show. Basic theatrical knowledge, play reading, and elements of
design are emphasized. The primary objective is to develop the student’s creativity and self-expression within the confines of a script.

Registration for the Fine Arts program takes place each spring.  The Fine Arts brochure details cost and offering descriptions.