Social Studies II

The social studies curriculum promotes diversity, global interconnectedness, and intellectual excellence through the study of civics and government, economics, geography, and history. Our goal is to develop students who are informed, socially aware, civically engaged, and able to approach the world with a global perspective.

Fifth Grade:                CULTURE

Sixth Grade:               CIVILIZATION

Seventh Grade:           EXPLORATION

Eighth Grade:             A CHANGING WORLD

Students in grades 6-8 participate in National History Day. A theme such as "Conflict and Compromise" exposes students to the productive ways people embrace controversy and engage in democratic dialogue to ultimately affect positive change. The culmination of study in our Social Studies curriculum is participation in a local history project about our township where students make a real connection between the location of our school and the history they study. Working with local historians, they answer the essential question of why the preservation of a local historical site is important and explore the location from a number of perspectives. Students compile their research, gained through interviews and site visits, to create a documentary which is shared back with the township for their use. This project teaches how to ask challenging questions, how to consider varied perspectives, how to draw upon prior knowledge.