Art II

As students progress through the art curriculum, they are reintroduced to the subjects at greater levels of maturity, deepening their mastery of the material. Their exposure widens to include ceramics, computer graphics, advanced textiles, and printmaking.

In fifth and sixth grades, students study the life and works of Horace Pippen, Art Nouveau, and Cubism from the art history timeline.  They learn water color techniques, explore clay slab building techniques in ceramics, and gain knowledge of photography skills and collaging techniques in Photoshop.  Students further explore their machine stitching abilities through introduction of quilting in textile art and continue to grow their general painting and drawing skills.

Seventh graders study Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, and Op Art from the art history timeline.
They learn photo manipulations in digital photography through Photoshop and develop their machine stitching abilities through quilting.  General painting and drawing skills are sharpened.

Guided study under one teacher focusing on either: sewing, illustration, ceramics, painting, or digital photography is the coursework for our eighth grade.  Students benefit from expanded time and attention to the one area of art that interests them most.  At the year's end, students share their work in an art exhibit.