The 21st century classroom prepares students to be active learners and incorporates today's technology in meaningful ways to best meet the needs of the students and engage them in the learning process.  

Learning for the Future

Students learn and practice Shared Responsibility, Human Interdependence, Dynamic Creativity, and Global Empowerment throughout their journey at Ancillae.  Experiences both in and out of the classroom help them realize the skills necessary to grow academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically as 21st century citizens prepared to meet their future.  See how we make that happen!

Friendship Hunt

First grade students participated in a “Find a Friend Who...” Scavenger Hunt on Seesaw to go along with a Social Studies lesson teaching that even though we have similarities and differences, each of us is special and we can learn from each other!

Math Building Blocks

Fourth graders reviewed the connection between base10 blocks and place value as they explored 3, 4, and 5 digit numbers the first week of school.

Hula Hut Building

Third graders begin the school year with team building activities in gym class to grow trust, communication, and connections with classmates.  And of course, to get them moving and having fun!

Go Team!

Who says  March Madness is only for basketball?  Our third graders enjoyed their own competition flexing their multiplication muscles!  Check out this year's winners!

Book Busters!

Reading Olympics increases student’s reading for enjoyment and their reading skills. Students work in teams to read forty books that are selected by a committee of librarians, reading specialists, and classroom teachers. On the night of the competition, students answer questions about the books that they read.  This celebration of reading is a rewarding experience for everyone!

Hands-On For Sure!

In an unit on the Bess beetle, students learn what structures Bess beetles have and how they function to help the beetle survive in its habitat.  

Career Day

Students in grades 1-4 were treated to inspiring career presentations organized by Compass, our Diversity and Inclusion parent group.  Morning sessions filled the students with ideas, answers, and information regarding several professions including journalist, doctor, fashion designer, and horse trainer.

From Here to Wales

Parent presenter Mrs. Fay shared with our students all about the Welsh holiday Saint David's Day. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and Welsh around the world celebrate his life and their culture on March 1st.

It's Electric!

Parent Mr. Marley, presented on electricity in fourth grade.  He shared how a battery loses its charge with a hands-on experiment using a bucket and water and showed the students static electricity using a Van Der Graaf Generator.  Each student got an in-depth look at a circuit using a microscope and silicone wafer and using Jacob's ladder, they learned more about voltage. 


100 Cups!

Among the many activities across campus to celebrate the 100th day of school, these student accepted the challenge to stack 100 cups!  Team work, communication, trial and error... all great skills practiced!

Keep On Reading!

Students in 2nd grade have read over 900 books since joining Epic!, a reading digital library, this winter.  Students can choose their own learning by exploring individual topics, hobbies, and interests from over 25,000 books, learning videos, and quizzes in the Epic! app on their iPads.  Teachers assign different leveled books for each student by sending books straight to their Epic! Mailboxes.  They can assign quizzes to students to check comprehension and reading levels or assign different literature that coincides with themes related to classroom content such as a book about matter to get ready for their next science experiment. Students love reading all around the room and tracking their progress with individual badges and the class readerpillar.  It's a reading win!


Where in the world is...

Students in fourth grade used the math skills that they have been learning since the beginning of the school year to solve the first Enrichment Activity in the ever popular game, Carmen SanDiego!

Learn How They Do It

First graders participated in a webinar with tech experts from Seesaw to learn how apps are made.

First Holy Communion

The faith journey toward the sacrament of First Holy Communion is a special one that our families take with the love and guidance of our teachers and Religious Education Director.  These keepsakes, handmade by the children, will help them recall God's blessing on them and the beautiful gift of the Eucharist.


Sprinkling Kindness

4th grade SPRINKLED Ancillae with kindness in honor of World Kindness Day! The 4th graders each wore a donut necklace with 5 sprinkle stickers on it. As they shared kindness, they gave away their sprinkles. At the end of the day- with no sprinkles left, over 300 members of the Ancillae community were touched by a SPRINKLE of 4th grade kindness!


Third graders reassembled the vole skeletons they found after dissecting owl pellets in the science lab.

Meet Our Jr. Tech Team

It is never too early for students to start assisting teachers and students in the classroom. Our Junior Tech team is comprised of students in grades 1 – 4 who help troubleshoot every day issues and support their class in hardware and software maintenance. 

What are some of the things our youngest members do?

  • Model appropriate use of classroom technology
  • Help maintain and distribute class iPads
  • Assist classmates with apps and/or software programs
  • Basic troubleshooting 
  • Test and give feedback for new classroom apps and software 
  • Liaison for teachers and IT Team 
Virtual Field Trip

While learning about fire safety through a Nearpod lesson, first graders took their first virtual field trip of the year to a fire station in Detroit, Michigan.

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