Science I

The science curriculum addresses the need for students to learn about their world through scientific exploration and hands-on experiences.  The curriculum supports the Next Generation Science Standards through the development of scientific inquiry, thinking skills, and knowledge.  The advancement of content and abilities promote scientific literacy.

Major Topics pursued at each grade level:

First Grade: Living and nonliving cycles, seasons, seasonal themes, balance and motion, nutrition, insects, oceans, animals

Second Grade: Animal and their habitats, reptiles, magnets, solar system, air and weather, solids and liquids

Third Grade: Structures of life (plants, animals, biomes), magnets, volcanoes, earthquakes, Earth Day, butterflies

Fourth Grade: Rocks, crystals, minerals, magnets, electricity, embryology, animal studies, ecology

Additionally, the program utilizes the Outdoor Classroom in its scientific endeavors and investigations and has in its course of study age-appropriate lessons on Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering.