Music I

Music classes in grades 1-4 focus on developing the essential skills to become a tuneful, beatful, and artful person in a performance based curriculum. At this level we provide research based methods of music education to deliver instruction that establishes the fundamentals of music in a fun and exciting way.  With focus on steady beat, rhythm, and melodic concepts, students experience a variety of music from all over the world in a variety of ways. Through movement, play, singing, speaking, and instrumental playing students are able to create, perform, explore, and respond to musical ideas. 

All students participate in two performances a year, a General Music Christmas Performance as well as our Spring musical performance. Students in the younger grades have several extra opportunities to participate in group ensembles outside of music class. With two performances a year, students can be apart of our Choristers choral groups (grades 1&2, or 3&4) and Orff Ensemble (grades 3&4).