Art I

The art program fosters a global viewpoint, creativity, and respect for people and materials.  It encourages the student to work both individually as well as collaboratively.  The curriculum is based on a spiral pattern of instruction.  Younger students are exposed to a wide range of art theory, art appreciation, and media.

Beginning in first grade, students study pre-historic Greek and Egyptian art moving to Greek and Gothic art in second grade.  They explore ceramics, textile, painting and drawing.

Third grade students study Renaissance and Rococco art on the art history timeline and begin sewing on the machines in textile art.  They learn the clay coil building technique in ceramics class and practice their general painting and drawing skills.

Studying Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art on the art history timeline, fourth grade learns sashiko hand stitching technique in textile art, explores clay slab building techniques in ceramics, and expands their general painting and drawing skills.