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May 2, 2018

May 2

Many different types of ecosystems can be found within the Asia-Pacific region. In the north-eastern part of Australia, for example, lush rainforests meet marshy wetlands. These types of ecosystems contrast greatly to the dry deserts of Australia's interior and the arid plateaus and freezing mountainous regions of Northern Asia.

In addition to this, over 20 000 islands are located in the Asia-Pacific region, many of which are found in the South Pacific Ocean. Some of these islands are volcanic landforms that were formed as a result of the collisions of the Australian and Pacific plates.


Would the following students please come to the Spanish room today during 3rd period for Student Council speech practice: Melina L, Brendan B, Michael V, Nick V, Nick L, Madeline Wn, Kennedy G, Isabella G, Alan Gv, and Sophie H.


The following students please come to the auditorium to practice for Thursday’s May celebration: at 12:15 today, Catalina M, Danny G, Caleb D and Thomas D; at 12:45 pm, Ella K, Kate T, Monica H, and Addison N.


8th grade student council members are asked to meet in the Stem Lab at Study/Activity today.


The forensics team is reminded that there are no more practices this season. Thank you for a great year!


BLAX 5/6/7 grade home game with Norwood. Change at dismissal.


GLAX away game at GMA. Change at lunch. Dismiss after 6th period to link.


V Baseball plays Waldron at Roslyn Park. Change at lunch Dismiss at 2:30.


Softball practice at Renninger  Change at dismissal. Meet bus at field with Mrs Hendershott.