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3.14.16 Understanding Lent

During the second trimester, the 5th grade prepared for Lent by doing several activities. To understand the three responsibilities of all Catholics during the season, the students made Lenten plates that contained images of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. After discussing the value and importance of these practices, the students reflected in their journals about their plan to sacrifice and prepare for Easter. Also in preparation for Lent, The students celebrated Mardi Gras and made made masks. The students learned that the masks symbolized an alluring “false self” that we allow to show for a little harmless fun before Lent begins. With Ash Wednesdaycomes a focus on turning from this false self, to awaken further to our “true self,” to what is best in us. The students then used their masks in a prayer service to symbolize this turning our “true selves” back to God.