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11.23 Earthquake!

As part of our study on Earth’s physical geography, students learned about forces inside of the Earth that constantly reshape the planet’s surface.  One of those forces is an earthquake.  Students viewed two videos, The Ring of Fire and Forces of Nature, to get a better picture of what causes earthquakes and how they reshape the Earth’s surface.  To conclude their study on earthquakes, students were given the task to design and construct a building that was able to withstand a level 7 earthquake.  Their building had to be at least three stories high and had to be built so that people could live inside of it.  Students used whiteboards, balls, rubber bands, and pencils to create a shake table which was used to simulate the level 7 earthquake.  Then, students used Jenga blocks to construct their building.  Students learned that when assembling the foundation of their building, alternating the direction of the blocks and their angles made the building less likely to collapse.