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A Letter to Our Families
A Letter to Our Families

May, 2018

Dear Families,

The month of May invites us to take time to enjoy the beauty of nature all around us.  We see the Hand of God in the new shoots on trees and bushes and the colorful blooms from new buds.  With this month, we look to a new focus…Energy – Pass It On!  We know that energy is the ability to maintain focus; to have the drive to complete what was begun.  How often do we research ways to find and gain energy to get through a tough situation?  Let us ask another important question.  What is the source of our energy?  From whence do we draw the energy that is needed for any task, any challenge, any goal?  An important insight is to ponder two kinds of energy, internal and external energy.  The source of our internal or spiritual energy is God.  We call on God to guide and direct our choices, our decisions, our concerns.  We pray and open ourselves to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  It is that voice within that offers a suggestion, gives us an idea, allows us to see something that we did not realize was right before us.  It is with new energy that we embrace the task at hand. 

The need for external energy comes from the many exercises and nutrients that society invites us to try.  How eagerly we accept what others tell us will “help us get through the day!”  We look for ways to have the vim and vigor that once we knew as young children. 
However, we need to take time and reflect on what it is that drains our energy.  What people and situations energize us or tire us?  Jesus invites us to “come to Me and I will give you rest.”  It is in the rest that we find a way to renew our energy.

As we move quickly to the end of the school year, let us be a source of renewable energy to each other.  Let us pray for each other and share the “good things people need to know.”  As we reflect on our school year, what new things did we experience? What challenges did we successfully accomplish?

In our celebration of Ascension Thursday, we read that Jesus’ mission on earth was complete.  We all have a mission that has been given to us by God.  What is your mission? As we welcome God as the source of our energy, we come to a deeper realization of what God wants of us and waits to give us what we need.
Let us celebrate the new life that comes with spring and be a source of new energy with those we meet daily.


With love and prayers,



Sr. Maureen Gillespie                        Amy Lintner

Principal                                           Director