Our goal is to make each child feel secure, confident, and happy to discover and grow in all areas of development, setting the stage for future learning.  The benefits of a Montessori beginning follow students as they transition to a more traditional classroom setting in first grade.  Students are well-prepared to take an active role in their learning and follow their curiosity.

There are so many reasons to begin your child's AAA experience in our early childhood programs...
    •    individual pacing of academics
    •    challenging goals
    •    repetition for a strong foundation
    •    development of a sense of order
    •     increased concentration
    •     physical education and movement activities
    •    art appreciation and  music with certified teachers
    •    world cultures
    •    hands-on experiences
    •    strong family and school connection
    •    continuous education through grade eight
    •    an education with love and for love

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