Guided by Maria Montessori, our responsive and engaging program is designed to meet the individual pace and development of each child.

Through her observations at the "Children's House", Montessori recognized the potential of the child lay within the child's interaction with the environment. She believed that the goal of early childhood education should be "learning how to learn" rather than "learning what to learn." The objective was not to fill the child with facts, but rather to encourage his own innate desire to learn. Montessori developed many materials that are geared specifically to the interests, size and pace of the young child. In a Montessori environment the child, teacher, and environment form an equilateral triangle with each interacting to create a place where the individual child's development is fostered and respected.

Following the philosophy of Maria Montessori, our preparation of the environment provides materials in a sequence that allows each child to grow and develop at his own pace. Materials progress from the concrete to the abstract.  Each material prepares the child for future learning. 

Montessori Summaries

A Typical Day

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