Early Childhood

Serving Children Ages 2 1/2 through 6 of Philadelphia and its Suburbs


We recognize the importance of multi-sensory, hands-on learning in a well-prepared environment to foster the child’s natural curiosity to learn and explore.

A young child at a table in a classroom

Our Early Childhood program consists of Stepping Stones into Montessori, Preschool Montessori, and Kindergarten Montessori.  Following the standards for AMS Montessori Classrooms, our Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten program is designed to meet the individual pace and development of each child.  Language, math, culture, science, and other Montessori areas are presented in individual and group lessons. The curriculum is enriched by weekly specialty classes in music, Spanish, gym, art, technology, library, yoga, religion, and sign language classes. Self-confidence grows with each new discovery, providing a foundation for the primary grades where they are prepared to meet the rigor of our elementary curriculum.


How will an Ancillae education benefit your child?

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Learn - find out what we teach and when
Believe - explore our faith life
Play - how students stay active
Perform - discover the arts
Prepare - ways we look ahead