Resource Learning

Our Resource Learning Center specialists provide support to students through counseling, individual and small group instruction in reading, math, language arts, and organizational and study skills. The team of seven specialists also assists teachers in meeting the needs of all students through individualized instructional strategy planning and the design of accommodations. 

Grounded in a respect for all individuals as learners, a belief that all children are special, and the firm conviction that all children can learn, the Academy’s Resource Learning Center has been empowering students since 1991. The program began with the vision of Sister Elizabeth McCoy who dreamed of a resource center that would meet the needs of all of the students entrusted to our care. She recognized that as a Handmaid school which celebrates diversity, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy’s appreciation of diversity should not only include cultural and ethnic differences, but also a diversity of learning styles, aptitudes, and needs. 

The Resource Learning Center specialists devise individualized action plans for students and organize team meetings with teachers and parents to maximize student growth and development. Compassion, creativity, and confidentiality are the pillars of this environment. Recognizing the unique value of each child, the right to learn, and the right to respectful tasks, the skilled professionals of the Academy’s Resource Learning Center embody Saint Raphaela Mary’s call to educate “with love and for love,” igniting curiosity and passing on a love of learning to all students.