Strategic Plan

Dear Friends,

For over seventy years, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy has educated students with love and for love, maintaining fidelity to our vision and mission. With a coherent institutional purpose and a commitment to a constant improvement discipline, the Academy has always consciously engaged with the future.

With that same commitment, we are now proud to share our strategic plan for 2019-2023, Forging Our Future. This strategic
plan reflects the collaborative work of our Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Students. The plan sets forth the Academy’s priorities in the areas of mission, academics, advancement, finance, admissions, and facilities. Through our planning process, we have developed objectives that magnify the mission and vision of Ancillae-Assumpta Academy.

Forging Our Future is our commitment to academic excellence in an innovative and compelling learning environment that prepares students as impactful global citizens. This bold strategic vision will propel the Academy to new heights. As a school community, we will transform this strategic plan into action so that our children will meet their future with confidence and competence.

Let’s Forge Our Future together!

With love and for love,
Mrs. Amy Bozzi Lintner '82

Elevating Our Innovation


As a school that recognizes, respects, and values the gifts of each individual and celebrates this diversity, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy commits to fostering the global competency of
our students through collaboration.

  • Preserve the Handmaid charism and values through global connections with other Handmaids and their ministries

Academic Program

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy offers an innovative, student-driven, transformative curriculum that emphasizes a global perspective and is aligned vertically and horizontally.

  • Consistently review curriculum mapping (horizontal and vertical) to improve coherence and effectiveness, address redundancies, improve communication, encourage reflective practice, and align instruction with desired learning outcomes
  • Emphasize transformative cross-disciplinary connections to maximize the incorporation of 21st Century skills
  • Promote cultural competency and global awareness

Academic Enviornment

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy provides innovative, student-driven, and transformative learning environments that promote personalization, collaboration, and creativity in the classroom.

  • Create flexible classroom environments that best support the needs of students
  • ​​​​​​​Create schedules with flexible blocks that allow students to explore relevant content without class period barriers

Professional Development

As a community that values educators and recognizes the critical role they play in facilitating a transformative learning environment, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy commits to providing the opportunities and resources that foster an innovative and engaged community.

  • Foster educator directed learning
  • Provide professional learning during school day
  • Empower teachers in the decision-making process
  • Build leadership capacity as part of succession planning

Sustaining Our Mission

Constituent Relations

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy establishes and maintains long-term relationships with its key stakeholders.

  • Engage alumni through social media
  • Publish alumni e-Newsletter
  • Establish alumni Class Captains to promote alumni participation
  • Strengthen parent participation in Academy stewardship
  • Strengthen Board member support and involvement in fundraising
  • Expand donor cultivation practices and solicitation

Advancement Operations

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy develops and implements a clear strategy for fund-raising and friend-raising that builds the culture of giving at the Academy.

  • Develop planned giving opportunities
  • Continue to pursue and secure grant opportunities
  • Strengthen plan to support the Annual Fund - immediate and sustaining needs - that will co-exist during capital campaign
  • Complete the capital campaign, Engineering Our Future


Ancillae-Assumpta Academy grows the school’s mission through fiscal responsibility and sound financial management.

  • Grow the endowment to support financial aid
  • Support capital needs by strengthening support of the Annual
  • Sustaining Fund and other fundraising

Building Our Brand


Ancillae-Assumpta Academy maintains full enrollment by attracting and retaining students who have the potential to thrive at the Academy.

  • Use online admissions software to track trend data, financial aid data, and student data
  • Survey families who were accepted and declined placement
  • Increase communication regarding financial aid process
  • Expand applicant pool with a focus on diversity
  • Create enrollment and retention committees to ensure positive experiences for families, strengthen relationships, and analyze data
  • Purposefully use social media as a platform for admissions


Ancillae-Assumpta Academy establishes a visual identity that conveys the mission and value of our school, improving recruitment of outstanding students and faculty, engaging alumni, and attracting external support.

  • Continue to build brand awareness
  • Incorporate more rigor into annual budget planning cycle
  • Continue efforts to boost SEO website performance
  • Ensure marketing net continues to reach more diverse families

Designing Our Environment


Ancillae-Assumpta Academy provides the campus facilities necessary to enhance and elevate student learning in a safe, sustainable, and attractive environment, maintaining relevance and quality.

  • Develop Facilities Committee that includes professionals with expertise in trades to inform structural and building needs for the future and establish maintenance schedule
  • Conduct annual facilities audit and update deferred maintenance schedule
  • Develop a Facilities/Campus Master Plan to clarify facility upgrades and enhancements that will further enrich the curriculum and support the school’s operational needs in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Plan for renovation, maintenance, and sustainability for new Innovation Center
  • Evaluate ways in which current spaces can be changed or enhanced to facilitate curricular needs