Looking Forward

As a private Catholic elementary school, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy has a clearly articulated and rigorous curriculum rooted in Gospel values and focused on 21st century skills. Since 1945, the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus have provided a unique educational program for students in pre-school through grade eight.  We remain committed to providing a wholesome, comprehensive program addressing the spiritual, academic, cultural, and physical needs of our students. 

Our RICE philosophy and beliefs differentiate us. Strategic planning in harmony with our beliefs has created a tradition of excellence and a commitment to educate with love and for love. With a shared vision for the future, we continue to dream, plan, do, and evaluate. And as such, we have developed a strategic plan for the school’s future in visioning, networking, curriculum, and staff development.

Leadership Team

Jane Diorio

Montessori Coordinator, Coordinator of Extended Day and Co-Curricular Programs, GOTR On-Site Liason

Kerry Harp

Director of Admissions and Communications

Kathleen Helbig, acj

Director of Finance

Amy Hubley

Resource Learning Coordinator, Guidance Counselor

Amy Lintner


Greg Maragos

Director of Technology

Maureen Rilling

Director of Religious Education

Margaret Trottnow

Business Office Coordinator

Eileen Wolpert

Assistant Principal

Board of Trustees

Kenneth Boyden

Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee

James Butler, FSC

Chair, Long Range Planning Committee

Catherine Cassidy

Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

John Dwyer

New Board Member 2022-2023

Greg Geruson

New Board Member 2022-2023

Kathleen Helbig, acj

Director of Finance

Amy Lintner


Charles Minnich

Board Chair, Chair, Executive Committee

Maureen Mirabella

Chair, Trusteeship Committee

Ernest Pighini

Chair, Finance Committee

Michael Valucci

Institutional Advancement Committee

Nicole West

Long Range Planning Committee