Sister Elizabeth McCoy

For so many people, Elizabeth was so many things... Yet current parents and students most likely have never met the incredible, inspiring woman who led Ancillae-Assumpta Academy for 35 years.  Sr. Elizabeth passed away on March 29, 2004.  Her rich and beautiful legacy lives on today with our administration, faculty, and staff.  Those that knew Sr. Elizabeth continue her practices in their work, and new teachers and staff are introduced to her philosophy of RICE and message that "all life is one." Our students receive an education that is sincerely shaped by her.  Together as a community, we seek Sr. Elizabeth's example.  Our hope is to continue her mission and in so doing, unite our efforts in celebrating her life and her legacy as a Handmaid, an educator, and an unforgettable human being.

Sr. Elizabeth McCoy
She was a dreamer and a doer...
An innovator...a thinker...a teacher.
She was a person with an insatiable appetite
for sharing life in every sense of the word...
at the table, in the classroom, at home, and across the globe.  
There was no room for exclusion, and in that way,
she exemplified the work of the Handmaid foundress, Raphaela Mary.
Elizabeth had a mission -- a gift --
for bringing people together...
for celebrating diversity...
for reverencing creation...
for building community...
for sharing all that she had.  
In true Handmaid tradition,
she approached the world 
with hope and hospitality.  

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