School Theme Guides the New Year

Our 2018-2019 theme, Journeying Together, centers on the I of the RICE process and focuses our attention on the interdependence and interconnectedness of all peoples. As we journey through this year, remember that RICE is a Process because it recognizes the dynamic nature of education. In the development of the RICE Process, Sister Elizabeth recognized that change is paramount to a school’s success and sustainability. And so, at Ancillae, we recognize the importance of constantly striving toward excellence which requires a school culture that embraces a change journey. And as much as change is an institutional priority, it is a highly personal journey. Every one of us will encounter the journey this year in his or her own way in his or her own time. Journeying Together, teaches us that the destination, we find, is never as important as the journey itself. The journey offers us far more value than actually getting to the destination; it shapes our school’s character and offers us opportunities to grow together. The journey through this school year is much more than just movement from one place to another, from September to June; it is about learning and growing.  The journey upon which we embark has the potential to teach us about and improve ourselves, our community, and the larger world.