October- Together in Mission


Dear Parents,

With the new school year in full swing and our wonderful news about the Blue Ribbon Recognition, we are truly off to a great start.  We have so much to celebrate and for which to be thankful.  Our theme for the 2018-2019 school year, Journeying Together, reminds us of how much we need each other and how working together makes good things happen.  This month’s focus, Together in Mission, positions us in a most unique place.  Each of us is created by a loving God who has given us special gifts and talents.  These gifts are not to be hidden, but nurtured, grown, and used to bring honor and glory to God.  They are to be returned to Him. With the gifts, there comes a mission.  We each have a specific mission and purpose in life.  It is our responsibility, with God’s grace, to discover the gifts, share the gifts, and ultimately learn our mission.  As members of a family, we have a mission…to learn and live our family legacy.  We belong to a school community that has a mission to which we are responsible to grow in understanding and fidelity. 

At our Fiat Day, we recognize and celebrate our history, a special alumna, our grandparents, and our students.  The uniqueness of each aspect of this weekend long celebration is the deep love and commitment that is part of our story.  We belong to each other, and we embrace the differences that are so special in our community.

We continue this journey together mindful of the awesome responsibility to help our children discover the beauty of community and the challenge that we as a community have to one another.  In our homes and in our school, we can shine a light on the good that we see in one another and call forth the gifts that we experience.  It is in the naming of the gift that we are challenged to live it. 

Let us pray for each other that we may be cognizant of those beside us on this journey and respond generously to their needs.

With love and joy,

Sr. Maureen Gillespie
Amy Lintner