February - Together in Love

Dear Parents,

We live in very exciting and unpredictable times!  The weather is a perfect example.  With it all, we do not have to allow circumstances and situations determine our happiness and joy.  During this rather short month, we focus on our theme, Journeying Together in Love.  It is quite possible that we feel that we know all that we need to know about love.  And yet, do we?  Love is both an invitation and a challenge.  We are invited to set aside our personal needs and desires and grow in mindfulness of the needs of others.  God has commanded us to “love one another.”  We can do this best when we realize that we have been loved first.  It is the unconditional love of our God that enables us to reach beyond self and care for others.  The challenge is to love ALL.  That requires our asking God to show us the good in others and grace us with what we need to set aside our biases and prejudices.  When we understand love as service, we can readily say that we do love others because we are willing to lighten the burden of those we meet.  It has been said that “love is in the details.”  As we reflect on the simple gestures that come through others daily, we know with our whole being what it means to love.  A kind word, a thoughtful gift, an offer of a helping hand, a smile, all show love and touch the hearts and lives of others…all others.

We are invited and challenged to teach our children how to show love through kind words and actions.  They will learn it easily as they watch us serve the needs of others and gently care for all people.  Let us celebrate Valentine’s Day by performing an act of loving service for someone, especially someone we rarely serve.

May the God of Love show you the way to be love where you are…in your homes, at your place of work, and with all you meet.  Let us remember that God cannot be outdone in generosity as we love and serve one another.

With love,

Sr. Maureen Gillespie                Amy Lintner
School Principal                         School Director