December- Together in Joy

We are well into the month of December, and it is not too late to reflect on the focus for this month, Journeying Together in Joy.  When we think about joy, we often find ourselves with a slight smile on our faces.  Joy lightens our spirits and lifts our hearts.  Joy is contagious…it must be given away.  In her writings, St. Raphaela stated that she “wanted to be the joy of the Lord.”  Each of us can be the joy of the Lord when we choose to be present to all we meet each day.  Being present requires that we put our concerns aside and fully concentrate on each person.  We know that true joy is born of the profound harmony among persons.  It allows us to be supportive of one another as we journey together.  All of this is wonderful, and yet, we know that the heart of joy is always God’s presence and His love.  It is when we walk in the light of this presence, this reality, this knowing that we are loved that we can be joy for others.  Joy springs from a grateful heart.  We are grateful to God for His merciful love for each of us. 

As we prepare our hearts and our homes for Christmas, let us take a moment to reflect as a family on the awesome gift that God has given to us by sending His Son to be one of us.  In the simplicity of His birth, we are called to look at Him and realize that all that is necessary is Love. 
Let us teach our children of the profound love that God has for them and us.  Let the joy that comes from Love permeate our hearts, our homes, and our lives.

May the Christ Child be birthed in each one, and may the richness of God’s graces fill your days in the New Year.  We thank God for your presence in our lives and look forward to continuing our journey together in joy.