December's Dare

Dear Parents,

The month of December brings expectations, excitement, and joy.  How appropriate that our theme focus is Proclaim Joy.  We are not merely called to feel joy, but to proclaim joy!  As we reflect on joy, we learn that true joy is born of the profound harmony among persons.  What a challenge for each of us!  At the heart of joy is where we encounter the presence of God.  So, how do we proclaim joy?  It is through our words, our actions, our choices, and our very presence.  Joy is self-giving;  it is welcoming, merciful, and patient towards all.  St. Raphaela stated in her writings, “I want to be the joy of the Lord.”  We can live her words each day by choosing to demonstrate by our lives that we are the joy of the Lord.  A very simple way to be this is when our priorities form the letters in the word joy…
Jesus Others You.  It is when we put Jesus first, others next, and then ourselves that we become joy.  The awareness of the gifts that we have impels us to proclaim by our lives what we know. 
During these weeks of Advent, we have many opportunities to experience God in a deeper and more meaningful way.  It is the time of waiting and expecting that swells our hearts to become filled with joy.  We light a candle each week on our Advent wreath in anticipation of the coming of Jesus into our hearts, our homes, and our world.  How are you as family preparing for this wonderful event?  Is there a special time each week that you gather to share about preparing for the birth of Jesus?  These family traditions will live on in your children.  They will become rituals that fashion their adult lives.
Advent passes quickly…don’t miss an opportunity to Proclaim Joy in your homes, where you work, and wherever you are.
We as a school community and the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart will remember you and your intentions in our Christmas liturgy.  You are a joy to us, and we are grateful for the gift of your children.

With love and joy,

Sr. Maureen Gillespie - School Principal
Mrs. Amy Lintner - School Director