May- Together in Simplicity

Dear Parents,

As we move through the month of May, we remember that we are called to Journey Together in Simplicity. There are many times when we wish that life was simpler, less complicated, more freeing.  Without realizing it, we are the reason that we fail in simplicity.  Many times, we believe that we must have more “just in case.”  It is usually when we become overwhelmed that we look for ways to simplify our lives.  There are countless numbers of books written on ways to de-clutter in our lives.  However, simplicity is more than having less.  It is a call to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  We realize that we need to remove distractions from our daily life.  It is possible to be totally present and mindful of all that is happening in the present moment.  As we practice mindfulness, we will hear what is essential.  This hearing can come from the Spirit, from our heart, from nature.  There is a simplicity of heart that invites us to check our priorities.  This form of simplicity challenges us to make God our priority.  To make the things of God our primary focus and to teach this to our children.  Simplicity of heart is rooted in gratitude…an appreciation for what we have.  It is a call to slow down and intentionally simplify those things in our lives that are distractions and can weigh on us.  Simplicity of heart brings freedom.  It is a freedom from comparison, from envy, and from wanting what we do not need.

During this month, let us look back on the school year and take stock of what needs to be de-cluttered, what brings us freedom and joy, and what is the source of peace and calm in our lives.  Let us teach our children how to live simply…not to need everything they see.  Let us help them de-clutter the unnecessary in their lives to value and appreciate the necessary.  Let the Holy Spirit guide and direct our journey together in simplicity so that our hearts will be free to love more.

With love and peace,

Sr. Maureen Gillespie               Amy Lintner
School Principal                        School Director