Ancillae Welcomes New Faculty

The 2019-2020 school year welcomes several new faculty members to the Academy.  Mr William Rooney returns to Ancillae to teach in junior high.  Mrs. Jennifer Noonan is our Library Media Specialist.  Mr. Michael Esposito will teach Montessori and Elementary music.  Sr. Michelle Cimeroli has joined us to teach Math in junior high and Resource Learning.  Mrs. Kristen Ferns will teach sixth grade.  Mrs. Diane Joganich joins our technology department.  Mrs. Lisa Viola is a long-term substitute in art this year.  Not pictured, Mrs. Stacy O'Malley joins our Extended Day program.  We are grateful for the addition of these excellent educators to our community.  

(Faculty identified in above text top row, bottom row- left to right.)