March's Dare

Dear Parents,

The month of March is here, and we are convinced that it is spring!  As we reflect on the focus for this month, dare to Connect Globally, we find a new meaning for this connection.  We are all one family on this planet, Earth, and we have a responsibility to be aware of who we are, what we have, and what our brothers and sisters need.  In the Scriptures, Jesus tells us to love one another.  How do we show that love?  The response calls us to an awareness of the needs of others and a challenge to examine our choices and decisions.  Sr. Michelle shared with the student body her experiences in Equatorial Guinea.  She put a face and a personality on the people with whom and to whom she ministered.  In our Heart to Heart project, we discover the people in many countries around the world with whom the Handmaids minister, and we see their faces and feel their pain.  The small sacrifices that we make during Lent can help those who do not have all that we do.  We can choose to use what we have wisely, that is, not waste water, food, paper, etc.  We can treat carefully and respectfully what we are given and, with gratitude in our hearts, share what we have.  God cannot be outdone in generosity!  The little that we give will come back to us a hundredfold.  However, that is not our motivation.  We choose to share, to give, and to help because we know that is what God asks of us.

During these weeks of Lent, let us renew our efforts to pray, sacrifice, and give alms.  As we deepen our relationship with God, we grow in trust and love.  As we make simple sacrifices, we grow in self-discipline and sensitivity.  As we give alms, we share what we have with those who have so little.

Let us teach our children by our example the ways that they can connect locally and globally each day.  May God hold us and all peoples in the closeness of His heart.

With love and hope,


Sr. Maureen Gillespie
Mrs. Amy Lintner