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Kerry Harp

Photography by Alexis Perrine

As educators, summer is a season that provides a change of scenery.  Whether it's traveling to Italy or down the street to lounge at the pool, we have a few weeks each year to step out of the place we work day in and day out and enjoy something different.  But Ancillae-Assumpta Academy, the 10 acres nestled behind the stone wall in Cheltenham, is home.  Each September we are so happy to step foot in the places around campus that mean the most to us. We draw comfort, peace, inspiration, and energy from dozens of special spaces in and around the buildings that the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart share with us.

Take a look at some of our faculty and staff's favorite spots!

Mary Statue

"At times I have stopped to look at it and notice it, especially when it is adorned for Mary's birthday.  What else makes it so special are the glimpses of children I have seen stopping to pray to Mary throughout their busy day." Pateen Handel

The View from My Classroom

"The wall of windows looking over the field and playground provides natural light and energy for the kids.  The huge tree outside my window is not only beautiful, but it is also a great teaching tool during science.  The sounds coming in the window of playing and laughter represent the pure joy of recess and childhood."
Lauren Dixon

The Field

"It reminds me of my past as a student.  There were many games won, lessons learned, tears shed, and smiles shared.  It reminds me of my present- as a coach.  I stand on the same field, feeling the same emotions but through a different perspective.  It reminds me of my future- as a parent.  I look forward to the days when my children will play on this same field and experience all the same emotions." 
Katie Rambo

"It can be a sea of activity at recess, a fun place to have gym, a community experience during a game, and a quiet place to just reflect." 
Jackie Turzer

Sacred Heart Chapel

"I am so blessed to work in the Sacred Heart Center.  I love the prayer services that we hold in the chapel because it is such a calm, peace-filled, and beautiful place to gather children.  You feel very close to God when you work with children.  I often stop in the chapel when I can to say a quick prayer." 
Angela Olbrich

Outdoor Classroom

"Being able to connect with both nature and the course work is very rewarding.  The students love going outside where they are able to move around, get fresh air, and engage in learning." 
Emma Brown 

Resource Learning

"It is so special to me because I started as a specialist in Resource Learning.  It represents the best of AAA to me - a place where we celebrate with love each child, their diversity of learning needs, and a genuine passion for learning." 
Amy Lintner

McCoy Lobby Couch

"When I want to relax or reflect on the events or experiences throughout the day, I always find myself seated by the front desk on the couch.  While it happens to be the comfiest spot in the school, more importantly it allows me to interact with the community first hand as other faculty, staff, students, and family members pass by and offer their smiles and friendly conversation.  It is here that I am constantly reminded of the importance of human interaction and interdependence."
Moira Whalen

St. Raphaela Mary Chapel

"The chapel exudes peace, and catching a few minutes of silence, usually in the company of one or more of the Handmaids, is a grounding and nourishing experience.  Even with all the hustle and bustle of the first and second grade classrooms, there is a uniquely tranquil quality found in the chapel." 
Genevieve Black

"I think the stained glass windows are magnificent.  Each time I sit there, I feel a sense of calmness and inner peace.  It makes me feel closer to God.  It helps me relax and to better focus on my day and what is truly important."
Chelsea Webb


"The gym holds so many memories.  As the venue for Halloween and Christmas Bazaars, Grandparents' Day, Spring Show, assemblies, masses- the gym was the original gathering place.  It still is the center (literally) of the school and each child passes through it for PE classes and athletic events." 
Frankie Gallagher

My Classroom

"It is a place I try to get the students involved in their learning of social studies.  I love to move around my room sharing amazing historical events.  It is a place that the students are encouraged to ask questions and state opinions.  I hope the comfort I feel in my teaching space translates into a safe space for learning." 
Mike Dunleavy

Stepping Stones Lobby

"I love how inviting this space feels!  This is where many Ancillae journeys begin and greets our youngest students each and every day with a beautiful feeling of joy and inquiry."
Regina Francis  


Join us on Fiat Day, Sunday, October 7th,
to visit your favorite spot on Ancillae's campus!

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