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I have read and understand the 2023/2024 Ancillae-Assumpta Academy Faculty/Staff Handbook and the 2023/2024 Family Handbook & Policies. I realize that I am an “at will” employee of the Academy, meaning that either I or the Academy may terminate our employment relationship at any time. I also understand that the information contained in the Faculty Staff Handbook is intended only to provide an overview of the Academy’s policies and procedures, and that neither this Handbook nor any other communications to me from the Academy constitutes a contract. I realize that nothing in this Handbook entitles me to remain an employee of the Academy, and that the Academy reserves the right to modify, delete or change the information contained in this Handbook at any time. 

I recognize that the Academy has the right to change or modify, in its sole discretion, any condition of my employment at any time, including but not limited to changes in wages, pay periods, hours, job duties, teaching assignments, length and timing of the school year and conditions of employment.  

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Note:  This form is distributed and signed electronically each year upon receipt and kept on file. Employees will be notified of any changes in the Handbook.