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What is Parents’ Council?

Every parent at Ancillae-Assumpta is a member of the Parents’ Association. The purpose of the Parents’ Association is to maximize the participation of Ancillae families into the life of the school community. The Parents’ Council is a subset of parents who are responsible for organizing and managing the majority of social, community and fundraising events at the school. The Parents’ Council has an important role as it acts as an Advisory Board to the Handmaids and the Administration. The Council represents the diversity in our school community and is looked to for its expertise, advice and support.

Each member of Parents’ Council:

  • Is responsible for Chairing/Co-chairing 2 Parent Council events (includes organization, financial planning, communication, attendance and evaluation of the event).

  • Participates in the Christmas Bazaar (every December) and Auction (every other year).

  • Supports other Parents’ Council events in some capacity (i.e. volunteer a little time).

  • Attends six meetings per school year.

  • Maintains ongoing dialogue with administration, faculty, staff and parents to solicit feedback.

    How are members selected?

    We are looking for parents who will enjoy actively volunteering in our classroom and/or fundraising activities. If you would like to be considered for Parents’ Council or would like to nominate someone else, we would love to hear from you.