Nance K. Dicciani '65 Innovation Center

Future engineers, biologists, researchers, environmentalists, computer scientists, astronomers, and innovators sit in our classrooms every day at Ancillae-Assumpta Academy. Witnessing their creativity and curiosity energized us in moving Ancillae forward and compeled the Board of Trustees and Administration to plan for their future with commitment and resolve.

We are proud to report that the construction of the Nance K. Dicciani '65 Handmaid Innovation Center was completed this summer—and on schedule—even given some expected delays with the pandemic. While the Center will not be used as it was initially intended, as a true innovation center, having this additional space has been instrumental in our ability to open our doors this school year. The additional space that our new Innovation Center provides has allowed us to create spacious homerooms and cohorts, meeting the guidelines that allow us to practice social distancing and safety and health protocols, while continuing to learn together as a connected community.

The current eighth-grade class is calling this stunning space home and enjoying the beautiful views as they engage in learning each day.  The Resource Learning Center team is back in their newly-imagined spaces, including seven instructional areas with rooms for one-on-one teaching, as well as a larger area for meetings and group instruction. And while Ancillae’s Future Ready curriculum continues to prepare our next generation of critical thinkers, we look forward to the day that we will be able to convert the Innovation Center back to its original purpose.