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Since you cannot physically come to Ancillae, we hope the resources provided on this page will help you get a feel for our school, community, programs, and curriculum.  Welcome!


A Typical Ancillae Day

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An Ancillae Education



Virtual school is in session and Ancillae's learning plan was created to meet the unique developmental needs of our students at each grade level. Recognizing that each day brings unexpected challenges in each home, we are careful to strike a balance with a virtual learning plan that includes both asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences. Students in grades 1-8 participate in synchronous learning using Microsoft Teams. We chose Microsoft Teams because this platform integrates with the other Office 365 programs which our students currently use, as well as Canvas, our online learning management system, while providing the most secure online learning environment for our children.The synchronous learning experience will vary from elementary to junior high according to the age, needs, abilities, and curriculum of our students.

Our Stepping Stones, Preschool, and Kindergarten students continue in the asynchronous model for their virtual learning, which is the most developmentally appropriate experience for our youngest students. This plan includes several components and will expand as we move forward. Montessori families receive an email daily with enriching activities, utilize the incredible resource bank that their teachers have aggregated on the Montessori Unit webpage by level, and engage with their teachers through videos, written and audio comments, and photos on Seesaw. We have initiated synchronous Google Hangouts  for Show & Tell and other favorites and to support the social connection of students and teachers.  Families will receiving packets with ready-made materials and supplies for additional work in May. From language and math, to practical life and science, to gym and Spanish, students are continuing to grow and learn from the countless hours of preparation, creativity, and personal outreach teachers are putting forth each day for their students in tandem with the dedication, patience, and partnership of their parents.

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Revised Admissions Process

1.  Submit your application and parent questionnaire via Ravenna.  Click here for step-by-step directions on how to apply online.

2.  Once marked complete, you will be invited to schedule an Admissions Call to help us learn more about your child (in lieu of the Saturday Assessment or School Day Visit step.)

3.  If both you and the Admissions Team feel Ancillae is a good fit, you will register your child for the fall.


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