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Since you cannot physically come to Ancillae, we hope the information and resources provided on this page will help you get a feel for our school, community, programs, and curriculum.  Welcome!


Fall, 2020

This year, our community has been asked to lean into our R.I.C.E. values in a truly unprecedented way. Empowerment – the “E” focus of our values this year – has never been more called for as we collectively rise to the challenges we face. Our families, faculty, and staff need a deep sense of our own empowerment to thrive in today’s circumstances and to become - in the words of our 2020-2021 school theme – Future Ready.

Last spring, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy established its Pandemic Response Task Force, composed of individuals familiar with the school and with personal expertise in medicine, health care, education, finance, communications, and professional arenas.  The Task Force worked throughout the summer in cross-functional teams to define objectives, prioritize student and community health and wellness, ensure the quality and substance of students’ educational experiences, and promote the long-term viability of the Academy.  The Task Force set the overall tone of Ancillae’s COVID-19 response, with teams focused on the following areas:  Health and Safety, School Operations, Facilities, Teaching and Learning, Community, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Wellness, Finance, Human Resources, and Communications.

Recommendations and updates from the Task Force were shared throughout the summer in monthly Town Halls with our parent community, conducted by the Administration. With the recommendation made to return to in-person learning, with an opportunity to learn virtually for personal or family health reasons, new policies, procedures and practices had to be created and meet with guidelines recommended by the PA Department of Health, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others. 

The global pandemic has only made us more empowered as we have prepared two vibrant models of delivering our students’ education – both on our physical campus and virtually -- but it has not changed our commitment to our students and our families, which extends far beyond the Academy’s walls. Our faculty has remained focused on key academic, social, and emotional priorities for our students. As an Administration, we have reflected, discussed, and problem-solved to provide the most impactful technology, infrastructure, and best practices for both on-campus and virtual learning.

Our admissions process will need to continue to evolve this year to best facilitate a safe experience for your family.  We look forward to learning about your child and sharing Ancillae with you in new ways. 

2020 Application Steps

1. Application and Parent Questionnaire in Ravenna SSM-8
2. Teacher Recommendation K-8
3. Report Cards 4-8
4. Virtual Child Meet & Parent Interview SSM/PS/K
5. Virtual Parent Interview 1-8
6. Student Assessment 1-8



A Typical Ancillae Day

First page of the PDF file: day1
First page of the PDF file: day2
First page of the PDF file: day3
First page of the PDF file: day4
First page of the PDF file: day5
First page of the PDF file: day6

Please note: Photos and videos on website reflect pre-Covid conditions and do not show the protocols being followed during the 2020-2021 school year. 


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