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There are so many  benefits to starting your child's schooling in Ancillae's Early Childhood Program.  Beginning with Stepping Stones into Montessori and/or Preschool Montessori and extending into Kindergarten, our children build a plethora of experiences that will set the stage for a lifetime of successful, joyful learning.



The Montessori environment in SSM, PS, and K promotes independence, responsibility, concentration, order, and community for our youngest learners.

Our Early Childhood  Montessori environment utilizes structure, repetition, and an individualized curriculum to engage children at the earliest ages.

Do you know the Montessori areas our students work in? Here's a brief rundown!

Practical life includes life skills to help increase independence, coordination, concentration, self-control, self-awareness, and confidence.

Sensorial activities allow the child to refine each of their senses, recognizing similarities and differences and building patterns and designs.

Language choices develop the many readiness skills to assist in a child’s growing understanding of both written and spoken language. Both phonetic and whole language approaches guide the child to start their reading journey at a pace that prepares them to be successful.

Mathematics is developed with the use of concrete learning materials in which the child applies knowledge of logic, sequence, and order through daily interaction within their environment.

Culture and Science allow the child to explore the natural world around them and make sense of our place in the world – caring for it and one another.

Explorations in art, technology, music, and beyond encourage students in expression and discovery inside and outside of the classroom.

The intangibles of our Early Childhood Program are hard to quantify, but easy to capture in the small day-to-day moments we experience with our children.  These moments, along with the Montessori curriculum, build a strong foundation for academic and social/emotional success as students prepare to enter first grade at Ancillae. 

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