Before the Academy's alumni association was formally organized in 1997, a long line of graduates and their parents were a part of the AAA family.  With a storied history of multi-generational families and over 100 current students who are children of alumni, this family continues to grow.  The family spirit embraces all those who enter, fosters life-long relationships, and welcomes back old friends.

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AAA Alumni recognize the integral role they share in the life of the Academy, and they create awareness of AAA and the Handmaid ministry and of the value it brings to the current students, faculty, administration, families, alumni and communities.

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Alumni Hall of Fame

2018-2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee
Kristin McElroy '97


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the AHF Program

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy celebrated its 60th anniversary in the 2005-2006 school year with a theme of Sharing Our Story, which impelled us to reflect on our proud history.  In an effort to share our story, we wanted to acknowledge individuals who demonstrate in their daily living the values of a Handmaid education.  Our desire was to highlight individuals who through their accomplishments inspire the current generation of AAA students.  As a result, the Alumni Hall of Fame was initiated.  The Alumni Hall of Fame Awardee is announced as we celebrate Fiat Day each fall.

The Ancillae-Assumpta Academy Hall of Fame serves two purposes:
To acknowledge graduates of Ancillae-Assumpta Academy who have distinguished themselves in their personal and/or professional endeavors 

To provide the current school community with examples of alumni who exhibit the ideals and values of a Handmaid education

The Alumni Hall of Fame Committee is comprised of representatives from the school community including faculty, administration, alumni, and parents.  This committee is currently accepting nominations of alumni who reflect the ideals expressed in our two-fold purpose.

If you would like to nominate an alumnus who demonstrate our Alumni Hall of Fame ideals, we ask you to complete an online nomination form.  Any questions or additional information can be obtained by contacting Gena Recigno Anderson, AAA Class of '76, Alumni Liason, in the Office of Institutional Advancement.

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Past Winners

John Cook

Dr. Etta Pisano

Dr. Hildegard Kanamuller Toth


Dr. Mario Mirabelli

Nicole West

Elaine Pagano Francis

Paul G. Morrissey
Rosemary Gates Ferrero

Madeline Wuillermin Hlywiak


Daneil Sigg

Amy Lynn Flood

Chuck Minnich

Kathleen Kirk Bellwoar

Kristin McElroy